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The last few days have been a bit tense, with everyone at work either completely avoiding politics or chewing it over in detail. (We're a NHS organisation - you can guess how most of us are going to vote.)

And now that we're finally in the thick of it? I was greatly relieved by the exit poll predicting a hung Parliament. Please note that I don't trust it, and I do realise it's still entirely possible that I will wake up to a Tory majority (God help us), but I still think it's a much better situation than if the exit poll had predicted a Tory majority. I will go to sleep with some hope.

That is, I am about to try to go to sleep. I have to be up tomorrow morning, after all, and I'm tired. I should be trying to focus on the book four copy-edits, but I'm afraid the chance of me concentrating on that at the moment is less than nil. So I'll try to sleep instead.

And I'll hope to wake up to a Britain that isn't Tory-majority.


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