Jan. 9th, 2017

incandescens: (Kanzeon Bosatsu)
Still haven't managed to finish ironing those pieces of Liberty lawn. One more night should do it. Hopefully. (My own fault for getting a lot of small pieces, then putting off washing/ironing them till I could do it en masse. Neglected to consider how masse the masse would be.)

Sherlock this evening pulled an interesting trick. I am curious to see where it ends up. Also suspect the Jimmy Saville overtones in the episode were very deliberate.

Tickets now booked for Budapest for the end of March - price was very reasonable, I think because it was the end of the "low season" and before the spring festival got started. I'm not complaining. I am considering whether I would like to try to see a performance at the Opera House while I'm there. Options would be either Otello or Der Zigeunerbaron - neither of which I am necessarily desperate to see, but either of which could be fun, and, well, going to the Opera House while in Budapest...


He brushed a gloved finger against the edge of a Beardsley print hanging on the wall. It was Salome holding the head of John the Baptist, Irene thought, unless there was some other major literary figure who went round carrying severed heads on trays while half-naked.


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