Jan. 17th, 2017

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There is nothing quite like the joy of having a team awayday next week which will probably take all day and expect most of the team to be present, and where nobody yet knows (or at least, has been notified) where it's going to be or what it's going to involve.

(Joy may not be the right word.)

I and other team members have been expressing (sotto voce) slight regret that we won't be in the middle of a deadline at that point, and thus will have no excuse for not attending.

Oh well, if all else fails I can always try to look as if I'm taking notes, while working on book five's plot in the margins.


The benefit to a well-planned getaway route was that even if things did go somewhat wrong – even if you ended up with an extra participant, an unexpected return of the person being burgled, and a ladder which would only hold one person at a time – you still had a much better chance of escaping than if you didn’t have any plan at all. Irene had been told by her mentor Coppelia that the same logic applied to office procedures, but then Coppelia had this thing about office procedures and best practice.

Irene personally avoided both like the plague. She really hoped that she never had to go deep-cover in an office for any period of time. It was rather sad to realise that she’d far prefer stealing books under conditions of extreme danger to having a quiet nine-to-five office job. It said things about her personality which she tried to avoid looking at too closely.


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