Jan. 24th, 2017

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It's definitely turned a bit colder: it was cooler at work, too, though that might be partly the Monday effect (after the building being mostly-empty during the weekend).

We should be getting the judgement from the Supreme Court tomorrow about whether or not Brexit will require a vote from Parliament, or even more than that. I'm crossing my fingers that it will. Or possibly even more.


Bradamant gave Kai a cool glance. “And I suppose you just happen to be in the vicinity,” she said.

Kai returned an equally frosty look, and Irene remembered that his protective instincts towards her also involved a certain amount of antipathy towards Bradamant – even if she and Irene had technically reconciled, or at least agreed to be on polite terms. “I’m visiting my friend Peregrine Vale,” he said. “Is there some sort of problem with that?”

Vale regarded the two of them with an expression that was partly a plea for heaven to give him patience, together with a weary impatience for them to cut the chit-chat and get on to the gory details. “Madame Bradamant. Kindly take a seat.” He flung himself into his favourite armchair. “Strongrock, Winters, sit or not as you wish, but I believe the lady’s business is urgent.”


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