Jan. 30th, 2017

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I intend to be back at work tomorrow. Hopefully I didn't miss anything.

Plus it'll take me away from Twitter and other immediate news sources: it'll probably improve my mood not to be reading them all the time.


The dragon sphere of power appears to extend outwards from what we term the more orderly end of reality – worlds that correspond to a basic action-reaction theme, rather than the chaotic worlds where life tends to follow fictional tropes and people behave according to narrative requirements. (Please let’s not get into a discussion of how something can’t be both an end of reality and a sphere at the same time. We’re not talking normal physics, and I was never any good at physics anyhow.) The dragon queens hold domains closer in, while the realms of the dragon kings are further out, closer to the borders of the chaotic worlds. This seems to be more a case of tradition than any sort of model of gender-based protection – when the queens bring the hammer down, they bring it down hard. In fact, if anything there seems to be a slight tendency for female dragons to be taller and have a larger build than male ones, though my sample size is extremely limited.


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