Feb. 26th, 2017

incandescens: (Kanzeon Bosatsu)
Had a lovely time in Harrogate today. Attended (a) Rock, Gem & Bead Show, and (b) Harrogate Spring Quilt Show, given that they were both occurring on the Great Yorkshire Showgrounds and about five-ten minutes walk apart. Extremely convenient. Then had coffee and a bun at Betty's and bought some of their magnificent ginger cake for later.

Cold continues, and was less convenient, but I suppose the fact that I could spend most of the day walking round - some of it lugging a tote bag moderately full of fabric - indicates that the cold itself is fading, or at least isn't as bad as it was, or at least is manageable. Tomorrow will indicate whether I've managed to aggravate it again, or whether healthy exercise has helped reduce it. We shall see.

Though thank goodness that tomorrow is still weekend - I look forward to one last morning of sleeping in.


Every scientific statement is provisional. Politicians hate this. How can anyone trust scientists? If new evidence comes along, they change their minds. - The Science of Discworld IV: Judgment Day, Terry Pratchett


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