Mar. 16th, 2017

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Irritations: an issue with one of my fillings, which is apparently losing small chips. Since I can't actually see the blasted thing (it's a lower molar at an inconvenient angle), I can't tell any more than that there's a sharpish edge where there wasn't previously an edge.

Positive aspects: have managed to get appointment with dentist (well, dentist locum) tomorrow, so will be able to find out if it is going to need serious work, mild work, is all under control, or whatever. Would rather not be having any dental issues, but will take what I can get.

In other news: the weather's getting milder, the light is staying longer in the evenings, and my Government are still malicious idiots.


It had been three o’clock in the morning when they had left Vale’s London. All the local libraries had been closed at that hour, naturally. (Well, all the legal libraries that Irene knew about. It was quite possible that there were secret societies somewhere in London with highly illegal libraries which were open and busy at this time of night. But unfortunately she didn’t know where any of them were located.)


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