Apr. 10th, 2017

incandescens: (Kanzeon Bosatsu)
Four-day week coming up. Actually two four-day weeks, given that both Good Friday and Easter Monday are bank holidays.

Good points about four-day weeks: they're only four days.

Bad points about four-day weeks: somehow one ends up trying to do five days work in four days. Can't think how that happens.

And on a completely different note, there's only a month to go till the Eurovision Song Contest. Whee! (Even if I hate to think how some of the point scoring is likely to go. Not that I could blame Europe for nil-pointing us this time round, unless our song was actually good for once.)


“If it did take place at Le Meurice,” she said, “then it may be relevant what time he left here, and when he could have arrived there. It’s too late now to be certain how long the body was dead before it was found –”

The temperature dipped. She felt cold air clutch at her throat like a hand. Ao Ji’s expression drew into lines of anger.

“Your majesty, I mean no disrespect,” she said quickly. “No insult was intended to Lord Ren Shun’s memory. It’s just that certain vocabulary is commonly used in these cases.”

“Maybe,” Ao Ji grated, “but this is not a common case. You will remember that.”


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