Apr. 30th, 2017

Rag Market

Apr. 30th, 2017 02:20 am
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Had a very nice day today - went out to Hebden Bridge (a nearby town about 45 minutes away by train, in the middle of some very pretty countryside) because they were having one of their regular Rag Markets. Which is basically an excuse for local crafters to sell off some of their stashes (or other spare fabric/beads/yarn/etc), plus a few other stalls. The local fabric shops held mini-sales with the intent of creaming off some of the influx of shoppers. And since I came out of it with some nice fabric (from both the Rag Market and the shops), some Swarovski beads, and a pleasant day's excursion, I'd say I profited all round. I even got back to Leeds in time to do my grocery shopping comfortably, though I admit that walking home with both the groceries and my purchases was a bit of a weight. Still, healthy exercise. And the weather was - well, if not exactly bright and sunny, it was mild enough for a light jacket rather than a heavy coat. So all around, a very nice day.

Rounded off by a good episode of Doctor Who this evening. The current season - it's hard to realise we're now at episode 3 - is being good solid stuff, and I hope it continues.


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