May. 23rd, 2017

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Hopefully final draft of book four now handed in. (Now it's just copy-edits to go, then page-proofs...)

Trying to write on book five, but getting nowhere fast this evening. Partly because of constant urges to check the news (Manchester). I know this isn't helping - me, or them - but it's very hard not to.

Probably best just to call it a night. It is after midnight, after all.


“Right, the detective.” Sarashina sat down with a sigh. “Basically, we don’t know much. This morning – no, it was yesterday morning now, I suppose... sorry, I haven’t had much sleep. Everyone got woken up early by His Frosty Majesty having a snit fit about where Ren Shun had got to and why he wasn’t there with the coffee and the newspaper and the day’s agenda. Then just as everyone was really starting to panic, word came over from Le Meurice that they’d found his dead body there. Cue panic. Cue accusations. Cue Lord Icicle down on the first floor declaring that the whole thing was a Fae plot and could anyone give him a good reason not to destroy their entire lying delegation.”

Irene winced. “I know this is just between these four walls, but I wish you wouldn’t keep on nicknaming him like that.”

“It’s a defence mechanism,” Sarashina said. “Have you ever had to share a hotel with a dragon king for a few days? No? Then don’t criticise me."


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