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Title: cling clang merrily on high
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Angel Sanctuary & Dr Who
Requested Topic: Christmas is all about the giving. (Dr of your choice. ^_^)
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The All-Heaven Brooding Society (not strictly known as such, but more recognised as such by those who saw them leaning on balconies in a melancholy way) was having difficulty brooding on Christmas Eve.

It wasn’t the angelically sweet harmonies of the angelic choirs. It wasn’t the stars. It wasn’t even the maids trying to present them with mugs of cocoa.

No, it was the little man down in the street below, playing the spoons noisily and badly. Clang-takka-cling clang.

“Lucifer’s machinations grow ever more subtle,” Zaphkiel muttered, and wandered off to stare blindly into the sky somewhere else. Anywhere else.
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Title: intensive care
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Angel Sanctuar / Hoshin Engi
Requested Topic: Angel Sanctuary (Raphael), knitting, Hoshin Engi (Bunchuu) ^_^
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Bunchuu glared at Raphael. "I have been told that you are the only one who can heal my paopei."

"Do I want to know what a paopei is?" Raphael asked. "It sounds like something you'd find in a woman's private drawers."

"Insolence!" Bunchuu snorted. "It is my whip."

"Case proven," Raphael said.

Bunchuu took several deep breaths through clenched teeth. "The lash is broken. You are the Archangel of Healing. Do something."

"Let me see." Raphael examined the whip. "Ah."


Raphael sighed. "I've reknitted broken bones before, but this is the first time I will have reknitted a whip."
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Title: recursion
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Angel Sanctuary / Bleach / GetBackers
Requested Topic: Since I just finished rewatching Get Backers with a friend.... GetBackers, Angel Sanctuary and Bleach. Kagami, Akabane or Toshiki preferred on the GB side. No preference on the AS or Bleach side.
Due to

It was, all three of them agreed, a simple enough situation. He (and which he it was varied) was magnificent, glorious, beautiful, proud, elegant, deadly, in every way admirable.

They themselves were despicable creatures (and on their tenth drink by now), loathsome, crawling, unworthy. Foul. Vile. Whimpering petty hindrances.

The other would never love them. He could never love them. For him to love them would be a debasement of everything that he was.

Belial's butterfly moved its wings like a heartbeat. "Because," the demon said, "he is the Lord of Hell, the child of God, so beautiful --"

"-- the Prince of Terror, the string-player, the dancer, so lovely --" Toshiki whispered.

"-- the Captain, so certain, so fucking high above me, so damn unmatchable . . ." Renji swore.

There was something about their pain which let them admit it to each other, just this once, just over the wine and behind closed doors.

And when, in the end, it developed into drunken punches and curses, and from that into hot embraces and jerking bodies and tangled limbs and quick dirty sex in the corner --

-- well, it just proved it. Didn't it.

When the morning came, it tasted of hangovers and bitterness.
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Title: there's always someone worse off
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Angel Sanctuary / Amber
Requested Topic: Angel Sanctuary + Amber. Anyone of your choosing, though if Zaphikel in particular were to appear, I certainly wouldn't complain. ^_^
Due to

"So you see," Zaphkiel explained helpfully, "after being attacked by Lucifer who'd been lied to by their father, Alexiel rebelled, but was sentenced for killing her other brother and doomed to die horrible deaths each time she was reborn, accompanied by her sword Nanatsusaya who was actually Lucifer but who didn't realise it, and then was reborn as a boy and fell in love with his sister, but his sister was actually an amnesiac Archangel trapped in a human body and . . ."

"Right," Corwin said, emptying his cup of coffee. "I have finally found an amnesia case worse than my own."
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Title: sweet and sweet is their poisoned note
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Bleach x Angel Sanctuary
Requested Topic: Crossover
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The young woman sits in the window embrasure, face painted, clothing dark against the white stone.

"You're wasting your time," she says, voice somewhere between male and female. "O my pretty one, my joy, my sweet, come along with me: the one you love will never love you back, and if he did you'd hate him for it, for nobody could truly love one such as you."

"It's not like that," Rukia says.

"Of course it is," the woman says. There's a tear drawn on her cheek. "We are both worthless; come die with me, and have done with it."
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Title: clear vision
Requester: [ profile] summerqueen
Requested Topic: Let's see, how about Zaphikel from Angel Sanctuary ... and the plausible person of your choice from Bleach?
Series: Angel Sanctuary, Bleach
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clear vision )


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