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Um, quite a few behind the cut, I'm afraid. It's... been a while. And I'm not even trying to organise the drabbles that have accumulated (and yes, I still owe some from a few weeks ago. I blush for shame.) As for Winter War stuff, that's all under the index post.

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Do please let me know if there are any problems. Or if you like them. :)
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Title: Letter: as hot as possible
Requester: [ profile] liralen
Series: Avatar / Bleach
Requested Characters: Zuko (Avatar) and Yoruichi (Bleach)
Due to


I accept that under the treaties which the Fire Empire has signed in the past, there exists a formal agreement which allows you to lay claim to my services for a period not exceeding one year. I am extremely grateful that you are prepared to consider the pact fulfilled with only one minor task on my part.

I would, however, be very interested to know why you want me to “light a fire under that moron Kisuke’s ass”, and what degree of heat you require.

And why do you ask if I am allergic to cats?

Fire Emperor
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Title: entertainment value
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Saiyuki / Avatar
Requested Topic: Ummm... You know me and crossovers. Amber and/or Avatar and/or Saiyuki? (Jeepu and Momo might be adorable...) Prompt: Strangers/strange guests meeting on a holiday.
Due to

Their new guests had all fallen asleep. Even the monk, who’d spent ages sitting around in front of the fire and smoking. Momo was curled up on top of their little dragon in front of the fire.

Then a woman appeared out of nowhere.

“Who are you?” Aang demanded. She was tall and wearing silk clothing, and so obviously Spirit World that it made him want to blink.

“I’m his aunt,” the woman said, nodding at the monk’s tent.

“And why are you here?”

She pointed a little box at Momo and Jiipu, and made it go click. “Blackmail photos.”
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Title: AU: the fire next time
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Requested Topic: And the follow-on -- what if the Fire Nation had managed to kill the Air-Avatar, Water-Avatar, and Earth-Avatar? You know you want to see Avatar Zuko... (Or Mai...)
Due to

(Hope you don't mind the choice of character: once I thought of her, it wouldn't let me go.)

"Mother's boring," Azula said, and threw a stone at the turtle-duck.

"No she isn't," Zuko said on principle.

"But she's the Avatar," Azula complained. "She should be Father's foremost general! But she just sits at home all day and does nothing! She doesn't even teach us Firebending!"

"Father does that," Zuko muttered.

"But if Mother's the Avatar she could teach us all sorts of secrets." Azula's eyes were avid, hungry. "She could show us things that nobody else knows. She could --"

"Does she ever brush your hair any more?" Zuko asked.

"No," Azula said sharply. It took a moment for her to calm down enough to ask, "Why?"

"She touched my cheek a few nights ago," Zuko said. He stared into the pond as if it could tell him something. "Her hand was so hot. It wasn't even like Firebending. It was like if there was something burning under the skin. It never used to be like that."

"How should I know?" Azula said, her voice very brittle.

"Maybe she's ill," Zuko said.

"Maybe maybe who cares?" Azula rose smoothly to her feet. "Come on. We have to practice. We're to see Grandfather tonight. Then maybe things will get interesting."

"I'm worried," Zuko said.

Azula laughed, the sound like splinters of glass. "Why? She's the Avatar!"

"Yes, but --"

"Come on!" Azula grabbed his sleeve, and pulled him behind her into the shade of the palace.

Slowly the turtle-ducks came out of hiding. One of them looked up at the sun, tilting its head as if it could see the stars behind it, and the comet that slowly swung its way through the skies, moving toward its eventual return.
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Title: AU: another statue in the broken hall
Requester: [ profile] fadethecat
Series: Avatar
Requested Topic: What if Aang's mentor had found him (where in canon he only found the note) before Aang could run away?
Due to

The people in the villages had seen the soldiers marching past, going up the mountain with their steel gleaming darkly and their weapons jangling. A few of them had sold them food. Others had turned away and muttered about how it was bad luck for army men to go challenging the monks in their own monasteries.

They were all going about their daily life -- feeding animals, picking vegetables, weaving, playing, nothing unusual, nothing important -- when the wind came out of the south and swept around the mountain in a screaming fury that brought avalanches crashing down and set the rocks to trembling and the forests to shaking.

When the earthquake followed it, and the fire and water behind, there was nowhere to run, and nothing to do, and the single girl who almost made it to shelter thought she heard a boy's voice crying, Gyatso, Gyatso . . . before the storm took her as well.
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Title: odds on laying
Requester: [ profile] manonlechat
Series: Avatar
Requested Topic: Zuko and Katara. Set in Season One.
Due to

"It's a dead cert," the lieutenant argued, keeping his voice down. "You should be giving me better odds than that. Young man, pretty girl, chasing her across the world --"

"Chasing the Avatar," the cook said.

"Same difference," the lieutenant said.

The cook folded his arms. "The odds are ten to one she slaps him, fifteen to one she kisses him, twenty to one he tells the whole ship he's in love with her but his honour won't let them be together, and a hundred to one that his uncle marries them in person. Put up or shut up."
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Title: not the usual question
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Avatar / Firefly
Requested Topic: Prince Zuko's confrontation with Mal
Due to

"So you're actually traders," the young man with the crown said, "from beyond the stars."

His tone expressed a certain lack of belief, and to be honest Mal could sorta see his point. This planet was so far out it probably hadn't seen a spaceship in centuries. "Yeah," he said. "Look, I know you've probably got a whole load of questions –-"

"One in particular," the young man said. He looked from side to side, then leaned closer, lowering his voice. "Do you stock any tea from beyond the stars? It's my uncle’s birthday in a couple of days, you see . . ."
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Title: cultural cross-interpretation
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Bleach/Avatar
Requested Topic: Aang, ambassador to the spirit world...
Due to

"Oh, I see!" Aang said in tones of enlightenment. “They’re your spirit guides. I’m so sorry, I didn’t realise. Is it a cultural thing that they all look like swords?”

“Spirit guides?” the stranger with long white hair said. “Yes, I suppose you could call them that.”

“And here’s mine!” Aang zoomed up to perch on Appa’s head. “His name’s Appa. Appa, say hello to the nice people!”

“You know,” the stranger in the hat and pink over-robe said, as Appa licked his friend’s face, “I’ve never actually been the sort of man to get inferiority complexes about size before . . .”
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Title: there's always time for tea
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Avatar / One Piece
Requested Topic: Crossover, your choice which. "Two 'ships passing in the night."
Due to

"I don't care about talking reindeer, elastic men, master swordsmen, cyborgs, boys with catapults, or any of that other garbage," Zuko snarled. "Is the Avatar on that ship?"

"Well, Prince Zuko," Iroh said, and took a sip of tea, "no."

"Then there's no need for us to waste further time here!" Zuko spat, stalking away.

"Pay no attention to him, my dear," Iroh said, refilling Nico Robin's cup. "Please do go on about those ruins you were investigating."

"Uncle!" Zuko snapped. "Is this really the time to be discussing archaeology?"

"I can't think of a better one," Iroh said happily.
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Title: confusing the issue
Requester: [ profile] nadat
Series: Avatar / Saiyuki
Requested Topic: How about a Saiyuki and Avatar crossover, Prompt: Saving the world.
Due to

"He won't turn into a jeep," Katara said, "however much you ask him to."

"But their one did," Aang protested, squeezing Momo hopefully.

"Yes, well. Their one was a dragon. A white dragon. Dragons are different."

"Don't ask me," Toph said unhelpfully. "Couldn't see him."

"Also," Sokka said, "I've been checking the records, and I am almost absolutely certain that our current problem is not due to the Fire Empire performing evil forbidden heretical science experiments with sorcery -- does anyone actually know what sorcery is? -- and everyone there going mad."

"Not even Zuko?" Katara asked.

"Okay," Sokka said. "Maybe Zuko."
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Title: perspectives
Requester: [ profile] flo_nelja
Series: Avatar
Requested Topic: Avatar... can I request Zuko, Azula, Mai and Ty Lee when they were young? Or is it too many characters for a drabble? And, for prompt : "funny things"
Due to

When they were all children, Azula's definition of "funny things" usually involved Zuko.

When they were all children, Ty Lee's definition of "funny things" often involved Zuko: not because she disliked him (he was cute) but because when Azula laughed, everyone laughed. Everyone who counted.

When they were all children, Mai's definition of "funny things" did sometimes involve Zuko, because of how much of an idiot he could be when he really tried.

When they were all children, Zuko didn't think anything in the world could ever be funny, because the world was a cloud of gloom and misery. Bah.
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Title: similar tastes
Requester: [ profile] woodburner
Series: Avatar: The Last Airbender
Requested Topic: Zuko and Katara (not as a pairing, just the characters) discovering that on some issues, they actually get along quite well.
Due to

"Which one's that?" Katara asked.

Sokka and Aang crept closer, peering over the edge of the dune. Leaving Katara and Zuko alone together roused fears of battles, explosions, and general aggrieved Bending.

"Triple-distilled soy," Zuko said. "Four drops. Then one flake of the chili."

Katara hmmed. "And a splash of seal blood vinegar."

"XO sauce!" Zuko objected.

"Let me try it."

A pause.

"Not bad," Katara allowed. "All right. We add that after the vinegar but before the garum."

Zuko nodded.

Sokka and Aang crawled away, flashing each other thumbs-up.

The evening's barbecue was off to a very promising start.
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Title: that simple
Requester: [ profile] evil_kat
Series: Avatar
Requested Topic: Zuko and Iroh reuniting.
Due to

In the end, none of the apologies got given. None of the carefully prepared I may have been mistaken in my beliefs or the I should have listened to you rather than my sister or even the simple I was wrong. I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Iroh clapped him on the shoulder, smiled, then turned back to assess the situation, and Zuko could finally breathe, for what seemed the first time in months.

And it was only later that he remembered what had been odd about it. That Iroh had seemed a fraction shorter than before.

As if Zuko had grown.
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Title: one born every minute
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Avatar + Knitting
Requested Topic: Avatar + Knitting!
Due to

"There are various forms of Woolbenders," Iroh said. "The Knitters of the north require two tools, while the Crocheters of the south use only one. You yourself have the soul of a Knitter, Zuko."

Zuko looked at his two blades approvingly.

"First the Knit," his uncle instructed. "Then the Purl. Together, in alternation, they build to form a single piece of work, intertwined one with another as the wool bends."

Zuko frowned. A tiny little suspicion was dawning. "Uncle, you are serious about this?"

"Of course I am," Iroh said soothingly. "Now keep on working on that scarf for me."
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Title: hot water
Requester: [ profile] nadat
Series: Avatar: the Last Airbender
Requested Topic: Iroh, optional prompt - clouds.
Due to

Iroh lay back in the hot spring and mused dreamily on the ineffably vague nature of clouds, and how similar they were to wisdom, or enlightenment, or something like that. The way that they receded into the distance when you tried to catch them. The way that they were made of nothing but water and hot air when you attempted to analyse them. The way that they loomed suddenly out of nowhere and hit you with thunderstorms at inconvenient moments. The way that they looked like an armed troop of Earth Kingdom warriors standing directly above him . . .

. . . oh, not again.
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Title: selective vision
Requester: [ profile] sophiap
Series: Avatar
Requested Topic: Something pre-series with Iroh
Due to

Iroh spent a long time in the market, selecting the knife for Zuko. He tested weight, balance, quality of metal, edge, hilt; everything that would be important. His aide, following him around with the money and the growing stacks of incidental shopping, approved noisily of the final choice, and Iroh had to admit that it was merited. The blade was something his nephew would grow into.

"And does the General wish to buy something for his niece as well?" the aide asked.

"Ah, I've already got the sweet little thing a doll," Iroh said warmly. "Girls like dolls, don't they?"


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