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Um, quite a few behind the cut, I'm afraid. It's... been a while. And I'm not even trying to organise the drabbles that have accumulated (and yes, I still owe some from a few weeks ago. I blush for shame.) As for Winter War stuff, that's all under the index post.

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Do please let me know if there are any problems. Or if you like them. :)
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Title: Letter: someone's getting coal in his Christmas stocking
Requester: [ profile] lady_ganesh
Series: Kuroshitsuji / Saiyuki
Requested Characters: Ciel, Hakkai
Due to

My good sir,

I am somewhat surprised by the tone of your letter. You accuse me of a number of acts which I would certainly never commit, and in fact had to ask my butler for definitions of the same. Were it not for the dignity of my rank, surely my young age would make it unlikely (if not impossible) that I should be engaged in opium-running, theft of religious objects, and kidnapping of dragons.

I reiterate that I have absolutely no knowledge of the whereabouts of your pet, and can only suggest that someone of your own class is more likely to be guilty of such a crime.

I wish you the best of luck in your future journey, but must close now, as a local religious dignitary (called Genjou Sanzou or something similar) has just arrived, presumably to ask for Christmas donations.

Yours faithfully,

Ciel, Lord Phantomhive
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Title: Letter: too much, too young
Requester: [ profile] flo_nelja
Series: Kuroshitsuji / Sherlock Holmes
Requested Characters: Ciel Phantomhive and Sherlock Holmes
Due to

Mr Holmes,

I am a great admirer of your work, but must admit that I am troubled by a statement of yours.

As Doctor Watson has remarked, you have said: "When we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

My question is: what does one do when the remaining truth is unthinkable, or unendurable, or simply cannot be true? Where does one go, when there is only the abyss to look into?

Is this why you take the cocaine, sir? Is this the real reason why you drug yourself with cocaine? Because I could very well understand it, if that is the case.

When you have eliminated the impossible, and whatever is left behind is unendurable, then where is there to go?

Yours faithfully,

Ciel, Lord Phantomhive
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Title: Letter: wanting a hell of an extension
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Black Butler / In Nomine
Requested Characters: A certain Black Butler, and the IN Demon Prince of your choosing! (Reverse if struck by inspiration.)
Due to

Seb, Seb, Sebby! Dude!

I’ve been checking up on your record over here, and what I see totally rocks! I’m seeing big-time, I’m seeing stardom, I’m seeing stars! You have the style, and you know how to use it. Dude, you are going to be making bigtime viewing figures once I get this set up. Hey, perhaps we can even get the Lil-Babe to name a whole new Distinction after you. That would be seriously cool.

I don’t suppose you could, you know, make it a bit more gory sometimes? Gore sells. It’d put your viewing numbers through the roof – not that they aren’t there already! We’ve even got penetration in the Serious Old Fart market. Kronos said just the other day that you were doing a hell of a job.

But got to go, I’ve got a series to headline – I’ve got my people waiting to tell me the second you’re free from your current contract. You’re going to be a star, baby. Count on it.

Demon Prince of the Media
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Title: Letter: just like the good old days
Requester: [ profile] p_zeitgeist
Series: Black Butler / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Characters: Muraki and Greil Sutcliffe. Either way round, really.
Due to

Sorry, old chap, it’s not going to work.

I’ve been moving heaven and earth over here (metaphorically speaking, of course) trying to get myself assigned to Tokyo so that I can further your agenda a bit, but it seems someone’s been looking at my file a bit too closely. I’m assigned to the London area for at least the next couple of centuries, so no chance of any help with you-know-who.

Still, why don’t you pay a visit? We can have a little party in Whitechapel, just like old times. It’d do you good to let off a bit of tension. And you promised to look up those summoning and binding rituals for my Sebastian – don’t forget! I’d be very hurt if you forgot.

Your affectionate

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Title: AU: I blame the Royal Mail
Requester: [ profile] purplekitte
Series: Kuroshitsuji/Exalted
Requested Topic: What if Sebastian were an Abyssal Exalted?
Due to

Ciel looked up from his copy of the household accounts. “Sebastian.”

“Yes, my lord?” Sebastian enquired, wafting through the door with a plate of cakes.

“Is there any particular reason why the roses in the gardens have all lost their petals?"

"Seasonal wilt, my lord," Sebastian said, without flickering an eyelash. "Would you care for some petit fours?"

"Or why the servants are claiming that skeletons crawled up to their windows last night?"

"No doubt some merry prank, my lord. I shall discipline them. Victoria sponge?"

"The rain of blood?"

"Unseasonable weather, my lord, no doubt due to all those zeppelin flights. Black Forest gateau?"

"This letter." Ciel lifted the parchment, embossed with heavy red and black wax seals, from the pile of correspondence. "Addressed to The Perfect Butler With Ominous Eyes, Slayer Of The Petty, Bane Of Hope, Petter Of Kittens?"

"You know how it is, my lord," Sebastian said, and plucked the letter out of Ciel's fingers. "Business correspondence always spells your name wrong. Eton mess?"


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