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Sep. 20th, 2015 02:42 am
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All right. I have now watched tonight's episode of Doctor Who, the first of the new season.

And I have to state that while Roger Delgado is still the Master to me, and always will be, Michelle Gomez as Missy (the Mistress) has moved up several notches in my estimation.

"You're the puppy."
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Title: before we go to Paradise by way of Kensal Green
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] autophanous
Series: Doctor Who
Requested Topic: oh god PLEASE write an AU of angels take manhattan that isn't horrible. I am that kind of fan who still misses the ponds, BLEH
Due to: http://incandescens.livejournal.com/1201511.html

The graveyard angel had been waiting for a long time. Moss grew on its wings, and dry grass and leaves were heaped around its base. It watched, stone eyes unblinking, as the two old people came towards it.

“Ready to go, Mr Pond?” the woman asked. Her glasses sparkled in the evening light.

“Ready to go, Mrs Williams,” the man answered her. He was leaning on a stick, but he still had a military bearing about him.

They paused to look at the tombstone.

Since the last time they had seen it, the words, THEY TOOK THE LONG ROAD had been added beneath their names. Or perhaps they had always been there.

UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN, someone had scrawled underneath it in lipstick.

“It’s all right,” the woman said, holding her hand out to the carved angel. “We’re ready to go now.”

The man put his arm around her waist.

And a moment later, both they and the angel were gone.

(Title is taken from Chesterton's The Rolling English Road.)
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Um, quite a few behind the cut, I'm afraid. It's... been a while. And I'm not even trying to organise the drabbles that have accumulated (and yes, I still owe some from a few weeks ago. I blush for shame.) As for Winter War stuff, that's all under the index post.

List of fanfics )

Do please let me know if there are any problems. Or if you like them. :)
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I am playing some carols on iTunes, as this is Twelfth Night tonight: decorations must come down, Christmas carols should be put aside tomorrow till next year, etc, etc. But for the moment, carols.

I have also been greatly enjoying (takes breath) . . .

It's the Muppet Doctor Who Special, With Our Very Special Guest Star, Matt Smith!

It's true. All true. It's the most sensational, inspirational, celebrational, Muppetational, this is what we call the Muppet Show . . .

(Some things never really leave us.)


"Oh, no," said Matt Smith.

"What is it?"

"I've seen this before. He's eaten too many Jelly Babies." Matt Smith looked hard into Dr. Teeth's eyes. "It's common in Britain. If you could see the children coming out of the candy shops, hallucinating -- it's really a pressing social problem." He glanced at the empty candy bags scattered about. "Right. We have to find out what we're dealing with." He grasped Dr. Teeth's head in both hands. "Dr. Teeth?" Matt Smith said. "Can you hear me? Did you eat the green ones?"

(quote taken from the above link)
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Title: cling clang merrily on high
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] summer_queen
Series: Angel Sanctuary & Dr Who
Requested Topic: Christmas is all about the giving. (Dr of your choice. ^_^)
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/925482.html

The All-Heaven Brooding Society (not strictly known as such, but more recognised as such by those who saw them leaning on balconies in a melancholy way) was having difficulty brooding on Christmas Eve.

It wasn’t the angelically sweet harmonies of the angelic choirs. It wasn’t the stars. It wasn’t even the maids trying to present them with mugs of cocoa.

No, it was the little man down in the street below, playing the spoons noisily and badly. Clang-takka-cling clang.

“Lucifer’s machinations grow ever more subtle,” Zaphkiel muttered, and wandered off to stare blindly into the sky somewhere else. Anywhere else.
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Title: flotsam and jetsam
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] sophiap
Series: Sapphire & Steel / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Sapphire & Steel, 11th Doctor, "too much history"
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/925482.html

“Cluttered,” Steel said, looking around the battered console room with an expression of distaste. “Untidy, confused, a mess, quite impossible to find anything . . .”

Sapphire said nothing, but she was looking at the Doctor himself, her expression much the same.

“Yes, yes, I know,” the Doctor said, waving a hand. “Cross-timeline intersection, meeting of authorised representatives, whatever. You might at least try to be a bit more helpful.”

“Help you?” Steel said. “After last time? The Titanic was supposed to sink.”

“And it did. Eventually.”

Steel snorted. “The flotsam of history is not our business.”

“It is mine,” the Doctor said.
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Title: high functioning sociopath, please
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] mei_yanohi
Series: Sherlock / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Arguing the pros and cons of multiple companions (the Doctor) vs one lifelong companion (Sherlock)
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/925482.html

“Don’t you ever have the urge to interact with those of your own race more frequently?” Sherlock asked. “That sort of thing has come up often enough in literature – the loneliness of the wanderer whose friends keep on dying around him, the wish to associate with others of equal intelligence –“

“Don’t you ever have the urge to exercise tact?” the Doctor demanded. He was aware that Pond and John were exchanging sympathetic looks behind their backs.

“Never,” Sherlock said with satisfaction. “If I do it, then there is certainly a reason for it.”

“How very human,” the Doctor said, and sighed.
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In answer to this week's Doctor Who, I can only scream in futile agony and curse the lack of a trailer for next week.

At least now we know what's inside the Pandorica.

Possibly certain people should not have been trading quite so heavily on their reputation as Oncoming Storm, Destroyer Of Worlds, etc. Nothing like panicking your enemies into getting desperate.


Qingdao: December

Here by the sea this quiet night
I see the moon through misted light.
The water laps the rocks below.
I hear it lap and swash and go.
The pine-trees, dense and earthward-bent,
Suffuse the air with resin-scent.
A landward breeze combs through my hair
And cools the earth with salted air.

Here all attempt in life appears
Irrelevant. The erosive years
That build the moon and the rock and tree
Speak of a sweet futility
And say that we who are from birth
Caressed by unimpulsive earth
Should yield our fever to the trees,
The seaward light and the resined breeze.

Here by the sea this quiet night
Where my still spirit could take flight
And nullify the heart's distress
Into the peace of wordlessness,
I see the light, I breathe the scent,
I touch the insight, but a bent
Of heart exacts its old designs
And draws my hands to write these lines.

-- Vikram Seth
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Title: Letter: a blast from the past
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] sophiap
Series: Doctor Who
Requested Characters: A = Seven, B = Eleven
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/878842.html

(Pinned to inside of larder door of Sussex house on August 10th 1993.)

This is very, very, very important.

When you stop by on August 11th 1993 and you pick some mushrooms and put them in here for later, CHECK THAT THEY ARE NOT POISONOUS TOADSTOOLS.

I cannot stress this strongly enough.

If you forget to check and they are in fact Amanita muscaria, then Ace will eat the omelette I cook with them and will be hallucinating later and will accidentally fire a rocket launcher at the Prime Minister under the impression that he is a Cyberman.

It is therefore very very very important that you check those mushrooms.

Yours sincerely,

The Doctor

PS – since you did in fact check them after reading this note, Ace no longer shoots the Prime Minister with a rocket launcher. -- 10/08/93

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Title: AU: no primary colours
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] not_croaker
Series: In Nomine / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Vapula would like to have a word or two with Auntie Beeb about the new Dalek designs....
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/857773.html

Vapula was not normally the sort to grow irritated with Ethereals. They were, after all, mere artifacts of the human imagination. If they transgressed, they should be appropriately pruned of unwanted traits and then reformatted into the proper channels.

However, when it reached the point of a whole set of new war machine designs having to be redrafted due to a change in human perception, due ultimately to Ethereal interference, and what was more, after he had already made certain promises to other Princes . . .

He surveyed a chosen group of minions. "You are supposed to be my best specimen collectors," he hissed. "Now is your chance to prove your dedication. Your skill. Your indefatigable aspiration to perfection -- incidentally, have you received the latest cyborging enhancements? And if not, why not?"

"We have, sir," a Balseraph lied fluently. "What is our mission?"

"Bring me the head of Auntie Beeb," Vapula snarled.
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Title: AU: alone in time
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] baka_mazoku
Series: Doctor Who
Requested Topic: What if River Song is a lie. She's not a Future companion of the Doctor. She's a relic of the past given a new face. She's Susan.
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/857773.html

He should have recognised her. He should have recognised her.

Each time they meet again is a new brick in the looming tower of her indignation and fury. He left her behind. He never came back. She made her way through history, day by day, year by year, century by century, and when they met again, as she had always known they would do some day, somewhere, he smiled at her quite pleasantly and asked her what her name was.

She lied then. She has been lying since. She cannot quite bring herself to hurt him, far less to kill him, but she will be damned if she will give him the truth now, after so many years of the slow path through time. He left Susan behind. Very well then, Susan shall be dead to him.

"River Song," she said, and smiled. "But I know you."

He's been scrambling for answers ever since. She lies.

Revenge shouldn't be hurting her this much.
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Title: AU: in the event's shadow
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] prodigal
Series: Blake's Seven / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: The Doctor regenerates as Avon, please.
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/857773.html

"Cally," Avon said.

Cally looked up from the teleport console. "Yes, Avon?"

"Swallow this," Avon said, holding out a small capsule and a glass of water.

Cally blinked. "Why? Is this some sort of immunisation? I know that you think you're on Blake's trail . . ."

"You do?" Avon demanded.

"Well, of course," she said comfortingly. "Don't worry, Avon. I trust you."

"Let's just say I'm taking a little precaution," Avon said, still holding the glass and capsule out to her. "Suppose that in the place where we're going we should happen to be split up, and you had to go off on your own for some reason, and the last we heard of you was a scream and a crash, and after that you dropped completely out of recorded history, and nobody ever heard of you again -- well. I'd just like to be sure that I could find you if that happened."

"That really is profoundly complicated," Cally said.

"Yes," Avon agreed. "But will you take it?"

Cally sighed. "Very well." She took the capsule and swallowed it, then washed it down with a swig of the water. "Have you given these to the others as well?"

"I'm not worried about them," Avon said coolly. He turned to go. "Oh, and one more thing, Cally -- if you meet any strangers, make sure to check them." He tapped his head meaningfully. "You never know."

"Apparently you do, though," Cally said.

"Some things can't be beaten," Avon said, and his eyes were very dark.
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Yes. Doctor Who this evening was marvellous.

Look, aren't I virtuous, putting it behind a cut? )

Oh, and I went to both York and Harrogate today (they being fairly close to each other) and had an excellent time, and didn't get rained on too much. Very nice.


Magnus Solaris turned to look at the consuming darkness behind him. "Do I have any choice?"

"Oh, there are always choices," said the stranger. "The problem is that none of them, ultimately, is particularly happy."

-- Citadel of Dreams, Dave Stone
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Title: AU: I'll have you back in five minutes
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] sophiap
Series: Doctor Who
Requested Topic: What if Eleven really had come back after five minutes at the beginning?
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/857773.html

Twenty years later, a man and a little girl are watching children run up to the door of the battered house, touch it, then run away again screaming.

"Why are you doing that?" the girl finally asks one of the children. He's a boy. He's scruffy.

"Because that's where the monster lives," the boy tells her.

"Monster?" the girl says.

The boy nods. Another boy says, "There was a girl lived there once, but it ate her. She was living with her aunt and her aunt went away for the night and when she came back . . ." He gestures. "She was all. Gone. And they never found any of the bits of her either."

"What was her name?" the girl asks.

"Amelia Pond," the first boy says.

"Oh dear," the Doctor says, and checks his watch with a sigh.
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Title: AU: just trying to be helpful
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] summer_queen
Series: Amber / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: What if the Doctor stumbled across the Courts of Chaos on his many travels....
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/857773.html

"Doctor," Mandor said, toying with a steel ball or two, "I think you fail to understand the situation."

"Fail to understand it? I think the whole point is that I do understand it." The Doctor tugged at his leather jacket, settling it on his shoulders. The whole Logrus pick-up-and-drop thing had got it askew, and he could tell that the sonic screwdriver was going to need a recalibration or two. "Doesn't that just prove it?" He pointed at the clipboard on the wall.

Mandor looked very much as if he would like to sigh. "Educative and informative as it is, Doctor, we do not normally put up fully diagrammed flow charts of the current political position between the major Houses, complete with arrows, red cross-hatchings, and instructive side notes for junior members of the House about Everyone Should Learn To Trust One Another."

"But it's for the junior members of the House!" the Doctor protested.

"The junior members of the House," Mandor said firmly, "are the last people who need any grasp of the political realities."
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I have two main reasons for assuming that the new Doctor (as in Who) is wearing a properly tied bowtie, rather than a clip-on abomination.

a) Observational reason: when we saw him on the hospital roof, with multiple ties flapping round his neck because he hadn't decided which one to go for yet, they were all of the loose tie formation (either tie or bow-tie), and I couldn't see a single clip-on.

b) Meta reason: if I were a writer on the series, I could do so much more with the story potential that a proper bowtie gives, length of fabric and all, rather than the simple neckband plus twiddle which is a clip-on.

(The fact that my father personally favours proper bowties is quite beside the point. Even though it makes buying Christmas/birthday presents more awkward.)


Bethsabe's Song

Hot sun, cool fire, tempered with sweet air,
Black shade, fair nurse, shadow my white hair;
Shine sun; burn, fire; breathe, air, and ease me;
Black shade, fair nurse, shroud me and please me:
Shadow, my sweet nurse, keep me from burning,
Make not my glad cause cause of mourning.
Let not my beauty's fire
Inflame unstaid desire,
Nor pierce any bright eye
That wandereth lightly.

-- George Peele

Who's new?

Apr. 4th, 2010 01:11 am
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A fairly quiet day. Woken up at around nine o'clock by the postman (why does he not get there at this hour during the rest of the week?) to deliver a suspiciously sized parcel which is not to be opened till tomorrow. Could this have anything to do with an urgent email from my mother on Thursday asking if I knew any chocolate places that delivered in the Leeds area or before Sunday? I will find out tomorrow. (I told her Hotel Chocolat, so . . .)

Woken up again (look, it was a Saturday) by regular thumping and music from outside. My window (I'm on the UK first floor, US second floor) faces down onto an interior courtyard-type area which backs onto a local pub, and they were having a Morris dancing demonstration. Well . . . it's one way to wake up. Or be woken up.

Fairly quiet day otherwise. Did some shopping. Started sorting bead purchases from yesterday, which was slightly guilt-inducing but generally a lot of fun.

Watched the new Doctor Who and was extremely pleased by it. The first bit (I'm going to elide somewhat here because I know a lot of my friends won't have seen it yet) was rather pitched for younger viewers, but in general I found it very good, and I think that if this Doctor harks back to any in particular of the older ones, then it would be Tom Baker. Not that there's anything at all wrong with that.


The Common Cormorant

The common cormorant (or shag)
Lays eggs inside a paper bag,
The reason as you see, no doubt,
It is to keep the lightning out.

But what these unobservant birds
Have never thought of is that herds
Of wandering bears might come with buns
And steal the bags to hold the crumbs.

-- Christopher Isherwood
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Title: banana
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] joasakura
Series: D.Gray-Man / Doctor Who (Nine or Ten)
Requested Topic: Midnight train to the south of France, bananas
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/788099.html

“That is your Innocence?” Tyki Mikk asked the stranger, dangling Allen over the edge of the train. They were all standing on the train roof. It hadn’t been Allen’s idea to get a view of the French landscape from this position. Tyki had ‘insisted’.

The stranger was pointing a banana at Tyki.

Perhaps it was a very well-disguised Innocence.

Allen counted the stars as they went by over his head and the train zoomed on, in a half-suffocated low-on-oxygen way. He didn’t recognise the stranger, but then he didn’t know that many other Exorcists.

“Sure,” the stranger said. He levelled the banana at Tyki. “High on potassium.”

Tyki began to laugh.

“And,” the stranger added, “that’s a tunnel right behind you.”

Tyki went immaterial on the spot, not even bothering to look behind him. Allen fell.

A blonde girl grabbed his wrist mid-fall and hauled him through the window. “You all right?” she asked.

A hideous shriek bubbled from the train roof above, fading away. A moment later, the Doctor swung through the window to join them.

“And that,” he said, “is what happens when you stick some potassium into an immaterial virtual Noah. I like bananas. Good for you.”


(Okay, so I had to make this 200 words. Mea culpa.)
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Title: it might have been better to ask first
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] flo_nelja
Series: Firefly & Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Kaylee and the TARDIS
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/788099.html

Dear Diary, I’ve made a wonderful new friend!

My new friend is called TARDIS. She’s beautiful. She’s so beautiful I figure she’s kind of like what a Companion would be if a Companion was a machine.

She’s dimensionally transcendental.

I just want to open her up and get my hands into her.

She sort of belongs to this guy called the Doctor, but I think he’s the sort who’ll be sympathetic about me getting my head under TARDIS’ console and taking out all her insides for a better look.

It’ll be kinda awkward in half an hour if he isn’t.
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Title: blazing sheets
Requester: [livejournal.com profile] summer_queen
Series: Amber / Torchwood
Requested Topic: I think you'll do fine with just Jack. So ... crossover, Torchwood & Amber. Jack and Bleys. ^____^
Due to http://incandescens.livejournal.com/724310.html

Dear Bleys,

Yes, the cross-dimensional aperture has been mended, NO THANKS TO YOU, given that you have just spent the last few days in bedding your latest toy inamorata Captain Jack. Who, I would like to mention, tried to seduce me first.

I would like to know what the point is with you coming along on these universe-mending trips if it always ends up like this.

So much for sibling bonding.

Your thoroughly irritated sister,


PS - if I never hear you addressed as my "snuggy-wuggy carrot-top" again, it will be too soon.

PS - the same goes for Torchwood.


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