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Title: the first step up the mountain
Requester: [ profile] vincentursus
Series: Amber / Exalted
Requested Topic: Someone looking for tips in swordmanship
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“I have been through the most refined training in all Shadow,” Merlin said smugly. He sipped his tea, little finger delicately extended. “Falling Blossom style, Five Dragon style, Fivefold Shadow Hand style, Golden Janissary style, Orgiastic Fugitive style, Righteous Devil style, Unconquerable Hero style, Celestial Monkey style, Ebon Shadow style, Hungry Ghost style, Dreaming Pearl Courtesan style, I am now master of all of them . . . gah!”

“Merlin!” Jurt cursed, readying his blade for another thrust. “Back from Shadow in time to meet your death!”

“And yet, the style of Looking Behind You seems to elude you,” Mandor murmured, pouring more tea.
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Title: AU: I blame the Royal Mail
Requester: [ profile] purplekitte
Series: Kuroshitsuji/Exalted
Requested Topic: What if Sebastian were an Abyssal Exalted?
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Ciel looked up from his copy of the household accounts. “Sebastian.”

“Yes, my lord?” Sebastian enquired, wafting through the door with a plate of cakes.

“Is there any particular reason why the roses in the gardens have all lost their petals?"

"Seasonal wilt, my lord," Sebastian said, without flickering an eyelash. "Would you care for some petit fours?"

"Or why the servants are claiming that skeletons crawled up to their windows last night?"

"No doubt some merry prank, my lord. I shall discipline them. Victoria sponge?"

"The rain of blood?"

"Unseasonable weather, my lord, no doubt due to all those zeppelin flights. Black Forest gateau?"

"This letter." Ciel lifted the parchment, embossed with heavy red and black wax seals, from the pile of correspondence. "Addressed to The Perfect Butler With Ominous Eyes, Slayer Of The Petty, Bane Of Hope, Petter Of Kittens?"

"You know how it is, my lord," Sebastian said, and plucked the letter out of Ciel's fingers. "Business correspondence always spells your name wrong. Eton mess?"
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Title: heroic titles
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Firefly / Exalted
Requested Topic: The Firefly cast as an Exalted Solar Circle, please?
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"I figure that when we loot our tombs, we should have some serious money," Mal said. "So now we work out who we were and where we're buried."

Simon looked up from his astronomical charts. "I'm not entirely sure you're going to like this," he said. "There is a Solar Circle with some affinities with us --"

"Sounds right," Zoe said.

"-- and given that the leader of the group was the Captain In Brown Leather Who Mocks Authority --"

Mal smirked. "Yeah, that's me. So what's wrong?"

"It's where he wore the brown leather that's the worrying bit," Simon said.
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Can anyone think of a good reason why you'd design a race of underground miners with bright blue skin?

Other than that, nice peaceful day.

13/20K done.


Do I really inspire this sort of frothing desire from the female masses? -- Miles Edgeworth
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Title: bad books
Requester: [ profile] undauntra
Series: In Nomine / Exalted crossover
Requested Topic: Secrets upon Secrets
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It was widely known that Yves' Library, besides holding all books that had ever been written, and all books that could have been written, held all books that should never have been written.

To some people, this was Temptation With Knobs On.

But as the Malakite of Janus explained to Dominic later: he could understand why perhaps he shouldn't have looked at the Testament of Lucifer, or the Book of Fate, or maybe even the Apology Of Lilith, but he couldn't see any harm in one called The Broken-Winged Crane.

And he'd never known that Yves had secret kick-ass ninjas.
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Title: that's how it is
Requester: [ profile] not_croaker
Series: Doctor Who / Exalted
Requested Topic: I'd like to see more of the Ace/Roseblack DW/Exalted bits...
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"It's a pity that you weren't Chosen by the Dragons," the Roseblack commented over breakfast. "Are you sure that you don't have one of the bloodlines somewhere in your family tree? My advisors say that there are ways to encourage an Exaltation, and you're still young enough that it might be possible . . ."

"I think it's very unlikely," Ace said diplomatically.

"A shame," the Roseblack sighed. "Ah well. We can make you the showpiece of how ordinary humans and the Chosen of the Dragons work together."

Ace put down her coffee. "That's very political."

"That's how it is," the Roseblack shrugged.
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Have had a thoroughly lazy day. Also managed to complete a scarf from a pattern I bought yesterday! Admittedly a very basic scarf, but I now understand the principle of knitting vertical stripes.

(The principle is that you knit the scarf vertically. This results in hardly any rows! Just lots and lots of stitches on the needle and you struggling not to drop any.)


Yorak's summary of Exalted )
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Title: mistaken identity
Requester: [ profile] not_croaker
Requested Topic: More Doctor Who / Exalted, please. :) You know my feelings on that. 7Doc, Ace, Roseblack, yum!
Series: Doctor Who / Exalted
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mistaken identity )
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Title: the problem with cliffhangers
Requester: [ profile] bluelang
Requested Topic: An Exalted-Doctor Who crossover would amuse me immensely. Your choice of Doctor, though my first was Tom Baker.
Series: Doctor Who / Exalted
Due to

the problem with cliffhangers )
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Title: Comparing Notes
Requester: not_croaker
Requested Topic: Ace and the Roseblack
Series: Doctor Who / Exalted
Due to

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Title: Signs and Portents
Requester: not_croaker
Requested Topic: 7th Doctor and Chejop Kejak. Plotting, Time's Champion, and the Weave of Fate.
Series: Doctor Who / Exalted

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