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Title: the hidden face of moogledom
Requester: [ profile] xsmoonshine
Series: FFTA
Requested Topic: FFTA: MOOGLE ATTACK. =D
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“Have you got any more missions for us?” Marche asked.

Montblanc cleaned his fingernails with a knife. “Well, yes, kupo, actually, there is a new one. Kupo.” Some of his friends were sitting around the inn, juggling balls, polishing lances, and all the usual happy moogle activity.

“And what’s that? Fighting monsters? Hunting down chocobos?”

“Turning in the known criminal Marche for crimes against the crown,” Montblanc said, with a sweet little grin.

Marche felt someone press a knife against his back. He was surrounded by pompoms. “But – but you’re my friend, Montblanc –“

“Moogles don’t have friends, kupo.” Montblanc shrugged. “Just . . . customers.”
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I have a new monitor, courtesy of work colleague Lalin who picked it up at a computer trade show, and it's astonishing how much clearer and deeper everything now is. It's not that the old one was bad, but the new one . . . wow.

Outlines for next piece of work have arrived; time to get head down and start working on it. Deadline isn't exactly tight, but it looks like being a bit complex. (We shall call it Thingy for future reference.)


He came with the snow; he left with the snow. He clung to his truth against all temptations, and he looked into Montblanc's eyes and told him that the whole world was a dream. And now he's a child again, and all his friends are children like him. One doesn't need to know that all snowflakes are different and no two ever like, when one can make snowballs from them and throw them at other people. That other world taught him war and determination, but oh, it did not teach him understanding.
-- FFTA drabble


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