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Title: the girl's just disturbing
Requester: [ profile] dormouse_in_tea
Series: Firefly
Requested Topic: Jayne and River interacting. Lemons/grapefruit/kumquats -- some sort of citrus fruit.
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"Now how's that?" Jayne asked, offering River her lunch bowl of pre-prepared slop. He hoped Mal appreciated his effort to be nice.

River took a spoonful and nibbled it. "It tastes like gazpacho," she said. "It doesn't taste like your guns. Your guns taste like kumquats."

Jayne felt his jaw drop. He stared at the girl. "You've been tasting my guns?"

"They're all salty," River said earnestly.

This was a conversation that wasn't going anywhere fast. "I'll be in my bunk," he muttered, and dumped his own bowl of slop over Simon's head on the way out, on general principles.
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Title: not the usual question
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Avatar / Firefly
Requested Topic: Prince Zuko's confrontation with Mal
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"So you're actually traders," the young man with the crown said, "from beyond the stars."

His tone expressed a certain lack of belief, and to be honest Mal could sorta see his point. This planet was so far out it probably hadn't seen a spaceship in centuries. "Yeah," he said. "Look, I know you've probably got a whole load of questions –-"

"One in particular," the young man said. He looked from side to side, then leaned closer, lowering his voice. "Do you stock any tea from beyond the stars? It's my uncle’s birthday in a couple of days, you see . . ."
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Title: it might have been better to ask first
Requester: [ profile] flo_nelja
Series: Firefly & Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Kaylee and the TARDIS
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Dear Diary, I’ve made a wonderful new friend!

My new friend is called TARDIS. She’s beautiful. She’s so beautiful I figure she’s kind of like what a Companion would be if a Companion was a machine.

She’s dimensionally transcendental.

I just want to open her up and get my hands into her.

She sort of belongs to this guy called the Doctor, but I think he’s the sort who’ll be sympathetic about me getting my head under TARDIS’ console and taking out all her insides for a better look.

It’ll be kinda awkward in half an hour if he isn’t.
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Title: heroic titles
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Firefly / Exalted
Requested Topic: The Firefly cast as an Exalted Solar Circle, please?
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"I figure that when we loot our tombs, we should have some serious money," Mal said. "So now we work out who we were and where we're buried."

Simon looked up from his astronomical charts. "I'm not entirely sure you're going to like this," he said. "There is a Solar Circle with some affinities with us --"

"Sounds right," Zoe said.

"-- and given that the leader of the group was the Captain In Brown Leather Who Mocks Authority --"

Mal smirked. "Yeah, that's me. So what's wrong?"

"It's where he wore the brown leather that's the worrying bit," Simon said.
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Requester: [ profile] boymonster
Series: Firefly / Blake's Seven
Requested Topic: Ever tried the Crew of Serenity coming across the Liberator instead of Blake's fugitives? What's Jayne's reaction to Zen? Of course, scooting it ahead a bit to Mal meeting Servalan for the first time would probably also be hilarious.
Due to

"Well, hell, Travis or whoever you are," Mal said, "I'd like to apologise for the little awkwardness. I've got this bad history with slinky whores getting persuasive on me, and I didn't realise it was your President or whatever when I shot her. I've always believed in equality of the sexes, which means that I've got a right to shoot 'em before they shoot me. I'd offer her a chance to shoot back, but me and my crew figure to be somewhere else. Oh, and don't bother about the Orac thing. It took one look at River and fused itself."


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