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Um, quite a few behind the cut, I'm afraid. It's... been a while. And I'm not even trying to organise the drabbles that have accumulated (and yes, I still owe some from a few weeks ago. I blush for shame.) As for Winter War stuff, that's all under the index post.

List of fanfics )

Do please let me know if there are any problems. Or if you like them. :)
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Just finished reading chapter 100 of Fullmetal Alchemist on

. . . after last month's chapter, I really wanted to know what was coming next. Now I need even more badly to know what's coming next.

Also, arrgh.


Proud Maisie

Proud Maisie is in the wood,
Walking so early;
Sweet Robin sits on the bush,
Singing so rarely.

"Tell me, thou bonny bird,
When shall I marry me?"
"When six braw gentlemen
Kirkward shall carry ye."

"Who makes the bridal bed,
Birdie, say truly?"
"The grey-headed sexton
That delves the grave duly.

"The glow-worm o'er grave and stone
Shall light thee steady.
The owl from the steeple sing,
'Welcome, proud lady'."

-- Sir Walter Scott
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Title: exclusive viewpoints
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Full Metal Alchemist / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Scar & Muraki - What price vengeance?
Due to

"Your problem," Muraki said, "is that you never put a personal face on your vengeance. You intend to kill State alchemists. So? They have a never-ending supply of alchemists. I suppose that it will ensure you a constant flow of pleasure, each time you rip one apart or destroy them, but how can you finish it?"

"And your problem is that you view vengeance as a source of pleasure." Scar scowled. "Degenerate. You sacrifice everything to your perverse lust for vengeance on a man long since dead."

"Well," Muraki said blandly, "at least mine will be achieved. Yours never will."
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Title: the Devil guards his own
Requester: [ profile] starsandtildes
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Requested Topic: Pride and Wrath: Mrs Bradley
Due to

Wrath's position is that nobody touches what is his. Nobody crosses him. Nobody irritates him. Nobody speaks too loudly in his presence. Nobody threatens his wife.

Pride's position is that his is the best. Who else should he have for mother but the wife of the leader of the country? Her behaviour is perfect. She is an ornament to the Presidency.

Mrs Bradley walks between the two of them, smiles at them, cares for them, and thinks that the burning shadows behind their eyes are love for each other, and faith in their family, and hope for the future.
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Title: fair trade
Requester: [ profile] liralen
Series: Fullmetal Alchemist
Requested Topic: Edward and Winry -- "equivalent exchange"
Due to

After Winry had put down the gun, she knew how much she owed Ed for what he had said to her and how he had stopped her from shooting Scar down in cold blood.

Alchemists weren't the only ones who believed in fair exchange and repayment. But how could she ever repay him for what he had done for her?

The answer came in hammer strokes, in the folding of metal: making him new automail, and working so that he would not need to use it again, so that he could lay down the military like an outworn, unneeded tool.
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Title: experience, the best teacher
Requester: [ profile] liralen
Series: Bleach / Fullmetal Alchemist
Requested Topic: Fullmetal Alchemist's Izumi Curtis and Bleach's Matsumoto. Prompt: "A firm hand."
Due to

What could have been a dramatic, portentous fight had turned into a comfortable chat.

"I don't get nervous," Ed lied, "but does it seem to you that they're getting a bit too friendly?"

"They're certainly drinking enough," Hitsugaya sniffed. "MATSUMOTO! Any more of that wine and it comes out of your personal salary!"

The two women looked at each other.

Matsumoto shrugged.

Izumi made a gesture strangely reminiscent of dragging a smaller person over her knee, then raised a hand menacingly.

"Oh, that's just going too far," Hitsugaya said, and stepped forward firmly, chin set.

Ed was already running away.
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Title: stirring the pot
Requester: [ profile] urbia
Series: GetBackers / FMA
Requested Topic: Kagami, Nina/Alexander chimera mess. Prompt: boshintang (dog stew)
Due to

It certainly wasn't Kagami's fault that Edward Elric and his brother totally misinterpreted the situation, ran straight into a fight, and provoked major property destruction. He hadn't said anything except, "Dog stew," and, "Would you like some?" Or something along those lines.

He wasn't to blame if they jumped to conclusions with both feet foremost.

Of course he hadn't really gone and made stew out of that poor confused little chimera. He wasn't completely heartless, after all.

(Besides, he wasn't sure about the proper cooking time. Mixed meats were so awkward if you wanted to get just the right texture.)
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Title: uncorrupted memory
Requester: [ profile] rachelmanija
Series: Full Metal Alchemist
Requested Topic: Any of these characters: Roy Mustang, Hawkeye, Hughes, Ed Elric, Al Elric, Izumi Curtis: The things I remember, the things I forget.
Due to

The things Izumi remembers; the weight that imbalanced her, the hunger, the constant pressure on her bladder (they called it 'needing to pee for two', she can hear the voices now): the heaviness in her breasts, the sickness in the mornings, the weariness in the evenings, the sudden kicks and wriggling shifts: the smell of new paint and fresh wood in the nursery: the way that her husband would rest his hand on her stomach and try to feel the baby moving inside her.

The things Izumi wishes she could forget; how small, how very small a grave it was.
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Title: "has problems with authority"
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Harry Potter / Full Metal Alchemist
Requested Topic: "Sorcerer's Stone" indeed. Hmph.
Due to

"You could just give me a list of everyone that your brother annoyed," Dumbledore said.

Al crossed his legs nervously. The metal-legged chihuahua in his lap squeaked angrily. "I'm terribly sorry," he said, staring at the ground. "I think so far . . . um, he hasn't annoyed Professor Snape."


"No. Um. He reduced him to an icy slavering fury instead."

"And you think that this might be connected with your brother's transformation?"

Al slumped further. "After the duel with Colonel Mustang on the Quidditch pitch yesterday, sir, I think that Professor Snape would probably be part of a very long line."


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