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Title: gifts of the Magi
Requester: [ profile] amethyst_hunter
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: A GB AU please? Akabane/Himiko, "what if they were on opposing sides of a job, but neither of them really wanted to fight (read: kill) the other" Prompt: surprise gifts
Due to:

Ban lowered his head into his hands. “So let me get this straight. They’re facing each other. And Doctor Jackal said that he would spare her the battle, as a friendly gesture.”

Kazuki nodded.

“At which point Himiko said that as it was his birthday – and God only knows how she found that out – she couldn’t possibly leave him without an opponent and would fight him herself.”

Kazuki nodded again.

“And he says no no I insist, and she says no no I insist?”

“Pretty much,” Kazuki agreed.

“And at that point Ginji and me showed up.”

“You did resolve the situation rather neatly by providing a mutual target,” Kazuki said. “Kudou-san says that she will remember it for your next birthday.”
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Um, quite a few behind the cut, I'm afraid. It's... been a while. And I'm not even trying to organise the drabbles that have accumulated (and yes, I still owe some from a few weeks ago. I blush for shame.) As for Winter War stuff, that's all under the index post.

List of fanfics )

Do please let me know if there are any problems. Or if you like them. :)
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Title: Christmas cheer
Requester: [ profile] amethyst_hunter
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: May I have an Akabane/Himiko holiday one, with milk, cookies and a warm cozy fireplace?
Due to

“Please don’t worry,” Madoka said again. “I’m sure you had a perfectly good reason for arriving at my party in such a hurry.”

The usual one, Himiko thought. Being chased by lunatics wanting to kill me.

“And Doctor Jackal said he was waiting for you,” Madoka went on.

“He was?” Himiko said, paling.

“Yes, he’s over by the fireplace right now. He said he was looking forward to having some hot milk and cookies with you, and a nice chat about your new year plans.”

Himiko remembered that she still hadn’t got round to drawing up her will. A pity.
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Still on yesterday's theme of Unknown Armies and GetBackers, I found myself wondering if Akabane corresponded to any known archetype or school of magic. He doesn't quite fit the Dark Stalker, and while one could write up a blood-oriented school of magic, that didn't quite work either. But his whole pattern of behaviour -- the constant seeking for a challenge or worthy opponent, quite beside any question of morality -- is common enough in manga, and in Hong Kong movies, and elsewhere too (gunfighters, for instance), that it seemed logical that there should be an archetype involved somewhere.

I think I'll call it the Duellist. The Duellist constantly seeks challenges in their chosen field. They want to be the best. The only way to be the best is to prove it against all challengers, and to challenge themselves by constantly facing stronger opponents. The taboo is to refuse a one-on-one challenge that has been given to them.

Channels would include such options as Make It A Fair Fight (prevents other parties from interfering in a given battle), We Meet Again (something which would let you target a previous opponent and locate them for a return challenge), and so on.

Avatars of the archetype can vary between ethical (some degree of personally defined honour) or unethical (just in it for the killing), but there must always be standards. A Duellist without standards starts wandering towards other archetypes, such as the Masterless Man, the Dark Stalker, the Savage, the Warrior, and so on. A Duellist can serve another character (a contract with the Merchant, an oath of fealty to the True King, etc) but may run into problems with taboo if they are ordered to refuse a challenge.

Duellists show up across the world and through history, and have recently entered pop culture in a number of exotic variants. Occultists mention attempts by certain avatars to try to force an ascension and a change to the archetype via card games or pet monsters in pokeballs. This has not been very successful, as the popular shift in image just isn't there. Yet. Time will tell.

Symbols of the Duellist include six-guns, revolvers, duelling rapiers, certain phrases associated with schools of martial arts (such as "Let's try your Tiger Claw against my Crane Wing!"), and more recently, CCGs and Pokemon. Older symbols include duelling scars (from the period when such scars could be clearly distinguished as such).

(And I could now go into how the whole Divine Design arc in GetBackers was a very complicated Personomancy ritual, but let's not go overboard here.)


Reflections on Ice-Breaking

Is Dandy
But liquor
Is quicker.

-- Ogden Nash
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There is a rpg called Unknown Armies, which I own a lot of the supplements for, because it is a very good rpg. (Modern occult weirdness, basically.)

So I have been reading through these supplements, as one does periodically, and I was rereading the Ascension of the Magdalene adventure. One thing that's brought up in there is the Magus archetype.

(Brief explanation: one of the routes to power, in this game, is by imitating a particular archetype. As you get more in tune with it, you become able to use supernatural powers that are 'in tune' with the archetype, but you also have to observe taboos based on what it would/would not do, and fellow avatars/imitators might well see you as a threat. Not to mention coming up in ritual opposition against the avatars of other archetypes . . . consider the True King and the Rebel, for instance.)

Anyhow. The scenario's set in early seventeenth century Prague, and one of the archetypes then common is the Magus. The consummate magician, the man/woman who believes in the supremacy of magic, who seeks the true meaning of magic as expressed in every aspect of life, who devotes his entire life to it, systematically promotes the occult arts (alchemy, kabbala, hermiticism, astrology, etc), never seeks explanations from other worldviews, etc. The background notes mention that this path has largely fallen by the wayside in the modern day, as people seek more personalised/individual routes to mastery, and see power as something which is acquired by twisting understanding to your worldview, rather than working for the understanding.

It struck me that the archetype/path is still there -- it's just changed names. It's now the Scientist. Insert "science" rather than "magic" throughout that definition, where "science" is something too complex for the average man to grasp, and the sonic screwdriver rather than the wand is the tool of choice, and it fits precisely. (I know that the Statosphere book sees the symbols of science as marks of the Scholar path these days, but that's science-as-understandable-knowledge. The Scientist, previously the Magus, walks the path that common men cannot understand, but devotes his life and focus to understanding it.)

Tune in next week for a discussion of how the profilers in Criminal Minds correspond to the Confessor archetype. Or perhaps not.

(And in conclusion, in the GetBackers anime/manga, there are a number of avatars and dukes: Ban is walking the Masterless Man path, Hevn is clearly a Merchant, Ginji is an ex-True King, now a Fool, Shido is a Savage, Kazuki a Mystic Hermaphrodite, Makubex is an infomancer as well as a True King, Sakura a Necessary Servant, and . . . ahem, please excuse me.)



Time will say nothing but I told you so,
Time only knows the price we have to pay;
If I could tell you I would let you know.

If we should weep when clowns put on their show,
If we should stumble when musicians play,
Time will say nothing but I told you so.

There are no fortunes to be told, although,
Because I love you more than I can say,
If I could tell you I would let you know.

The winds must come from somewhere when they blow,
There must be reasons why the leaves decay;
Time will say nothing but I told you so.

Perhaps the roses really want to grow,
The vision seriously intends to stay;
If I could tell you I would let you know.

Suppose the lions all get up and go,
And all the brooks and soldiers run away?
Will time say nothing but I told you so?
If I could tell you I would let you know.

-- W H Auden
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Title: it all makes sense now
Requester: [ profile] amethyst_hunter
Series: Get Backers
Requested Topic: Ban and Himiko - "behind every great man there is an even better woman"/"do you want to talk to the man in charge or the woman who knows what's going on?"
Due to

Himiko absolutely knows what's going on.

Everyone's having sex.

Or they're going to have sex.

It's quite obvious. All that hugging and punching arms and grabbing heads and losing clothing and collapsing onto each other at the end of a battle -- well, it's so blatantly clear and plain that she's a bit embarrassed that she didn't see it earlier.

And that includes Midou Ban and Amano Ginji.

It's amazing how much more sense the world makes now she assumes that everyone's constantly having sex the moment she looks away.

(Except maybe Doctor Jackal. Some thoughts definitely shouldn't be thought.)
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Title: you wouldn't understand
Requester: [ profile] woodburner
Series: Getbackers/Trinity Blood
Requested Topic: Akabane/Isaak, a shared taste for the finer things
Due to

"The man's a commoner," Dietrich said once Doctor Jackal was safely away and out of earshot. "A thug working for the highest bidder. A mere transporter. What did you have to talk to him about?"

Isaak snapped his fingers, and lit a cigarillo at the flame. "Aesthetics."

"Oh." Dietrich shrugged. "Wine? Poetry?"

"No, none of that." Isaak smiled. "The aesthetics of the perfect killing stroke. It's all about the edge and the momentum and the precision of the blow. As painfully exact as the most unanswerable argument -- he may be a worker for hire, but he's an artist too."
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Title: one thousand pages later
Requester: [ profile] smilebits
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: Characters: Ban and Kagami, prompt: Dream
Due to

"So," Ban said suspiciously, "if I proofread your novel for you, you give me your word that you won't hang around Himiko for at least a week?"

Kagami put his hand to his chest. "My word on it."

"But why me?"

"Because I have a dream of being a great novelist," Kagami said gravely. "Because I believe that you will keep your word to do a thorough editing job on it, if only so you can cross out half my sentences."

"That's true," Ban agreed.

"And," Kagami said, "because I think you're the only person here who can actually spell."
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Title: for the trenchcoat brigade
Requester: [ profile] veleda_k
Series: GetBackers / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: I don't suppose that could request more Muraki/Akabane, could I? Because that would be awesome.
Due to

"I'm sorry, Ginji," Kazuki said, "but Juubei and I are in a new line of work these days."

Ginji blinked cutely.

"Trenchcoat cleaning and mending," Kazuki said, with a flourish of thread. "Doctor Jackal was one of our first customers, and he put us in touch with a friend of his, Doctor Muraki, who sends us a lot of business. We're the best in the trade for removing bloodstreams, invisible mending of scalpel rips and burn marks -- and for a very small extra payment, we provide spare threads to allow the trenchcoat skirts to flare dramatically at moments of crisis."


(Sorry, it just came out this way . . .)
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Title: there has to be an easier way of doing this
Requester: [ profile] amethyst_hunter
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: Akabane and Himiko, "you learn something new every day"
Due to

Himiko was far too professional to kick a hole into the wall or smash some glass due to another wonderful learning experience. Walls were expensive. Glassware more so.

But next time Doctor Jackal wanted to find out about her current level of combat skill, she would be extremely grateful if he did it by some method other than getting her into fights.

Not that she minded fights that much, but . . .

. . . well, the principle of the thing.

And there never seemed to be a place to buy unripped clothing en route.

(She would bet Ban and Ginji never had this problem.)
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Title: and on the eighth day
Requester: [ profile] amethyst_hunter
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: Himiko/Akabane - "bad boys/girls are more fun to play with"
Due to

After the world had changed, and the Voodoo Child business was finally ended, and eventually business started to get back to normal again, Himiko found a message in her email from Doctor Jackal.

A mission.

The usual sort.

No doubt it would involve death and danger and trying to stop Doctor Jackal from being more lethal than absolutely necessary.

No doubt it would have her gulping down coffee at the Honky-Tonk as if it was the newest stomach medicine.

No doubt it would involve Ban and Ginji making Meaningful Comments at her.

She was smiling as she emailed her agreement..
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Title: a difficult decision
Requester: [ profile] urbia
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: Get Backers - Kagami and Ban. Thanks!
Due to

"Okay," Ban said. "You did something useful, bar host. Tell me what you want."

"What I want?" Kagami arched an elegant eyebrow.

"Come on," Ban said. "You never do anything for nothing. What's in it for you? Blackmail? Power? Money? Sex?"

"Nothing so dramatic," Kagami said happily. "I just want you to thank me."

"Thank. You."

"Yes," Kagami said. "Or you could give me money. A lot of money. With perhaps a bit of grovelling in a suitable getting-things-back attitude."

"Well?" Ginji demanded. "So tell him thanks, Ban-chan!"

There was a long silence. Eventually, Ban said, "I'm thinking about it."
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Title: friendship is about sharing
Requester: [ profile] veleda_k
Series: Yami no Matsuei / Getbackers
Requested Topic: Muraki and Akabane. (My crack crossover pairing is more evil than yours.)
Due to

"Doctor Jackal," Himiko said between her teeth.

"Yes, Lady Poison?" he enquired pleasantly.

"I'm asking purely out of curiosity, but could there be any conceivable reason why mentioning your friend Muraki-sensei to those people got us chased by a phoenix, a dragon, a giant white tiger, a pair of tengu, a big black furry thing, and a hopping cactus?"

"Overenthusiastic gestures of affection," Doctor Jackal murmured. "They're excitable types."

"And why exactly did you ask me to make sure that Ban and Ginji made the delivery to Muraki-sensei in person?"

"Well," Doctor Jackal said happily, "it is his birthday today."
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Title: stirring the pot
Requester: [ profile] urbia
Series: GetBackers / FMA
Requested Topic: Kagami, Nina/Alexander chimera mess. Prompt: boshintang (dog stew)
Due to

It certainly wasn't Kagami's fault that Edward Elric and his brother totally misinterpreted the situation, ran straight into a fight, and provoked major property destruction. He hadn't said anything except, "Dog stew," and, "Would you like some?" Or something along those lines.

He wasn't to blame if they jumped to conclusions with both feet foremost.

Of course he hadn't really gone and made stew out of that poor confused little chimera. He wasn't completely heartless, after all.

(Besides, he wasn't sure about the proper cooking time. Mixed meats were so awkward if you wanted to get just the right texture.)
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Title: courier duty
Requester: [ profile] mierin_lanfear
Series: Bleach + GetBackers
Requested Topic: Preferably with 12th Division involvement and Akabane goodness.
Due to

"Excuse me," the man in black said, raising his hat politely. "Kurotsuchi Nemu?"

"You are correct," Nemu said. "Can I help you?"

"Akabane Kuroudo, at your service. I believe this is yours." The man indicated the flask of green slime tucked under his arm.

"Ah. That would be my father."

"Yes, I believe the name was the same. He hired me to ship himself to you."

The slime bubbled gloomily.

"Oh," Nemu said.

"After a thoroughly enjoyable little discussion."


"And now, if you'll excuse me . . ." He tipped his hat again. "I have to see a man about a Hougyoukou."
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Title: recursion
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Angel Sanctuary / Bleach / GetBackers
Requested Topic: Since I just finished rewatching Get Backers with a friend.... GetBackers, Angel Sanctuary and Bleach. Kagami, Akabane or Toshiki preferred on the GB side. No preference on the AS or Bleach side.
Due to

It was, all three of them agreed, a simple enough situation. He (and which he it was varied) was magnificent, glorious, beautiful, proud, elegant, deadly, in every way admirable.

They themselves were despicable creatures (and on their tenth drink by now), loathsome, crawling, unworthy. Foul. Vile. Whimpering petty hindrances.

The other would never love them. He could never love them. For him to love them would be a debasement of everything that he was.

Belial's butterfly moved its wings like a heartbeat. "Because," the demon said, "he is the Lord of Hell, the child of God, so beautiful --"

"-- the Prince of Terror, the string-player, the dancer, so lovely --" Toshiki whispered.

"-- the Captain, so certain, so fucking high above me, so damn unmatchable . . ." Renji swore.

There was something about their pain which let them admit it to each other, just this once, just over the wine and behind closed doors.

And when, in the end, it developed into drunken punches and curses, and from that into hot embraces and jerking bodies and tangled limbs and quick dirty sex in the corner --

-- well, it just proved it. Didn't it.

When the morning came, it tasted of hangovers and bitterness.
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Title: hand-made with love
Requester: [ profile] kickinpants
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: Getbackers x Knitting!
Due to

"It is the most comfortable, warm, soft, gentle, cuddly scarf I have ever had," Shido said defiantly.

"It's really long and comfy-looking," Natsumi approved. "You could almost hide your face in it!"

"Odd you should say that," Ban smirked.

"Do you have anything to say about my scarf?" Shido snarled.

"Not a thing," Ban said. "I mean, the neon pink and orange suits you real well, monkey tamer. Perfect camouflage. And it matches your nose, too."

"Madoka's so sweet to knit you that herself," Natsumi said, hands clasped together.

"Next year, I'm asking for chocolates," Shido muttered into his coffee.
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Title: mathematics runs in the family
Requester: [ profile] takadainmate
Series: GetBackers / Sherlock Holmes
Requested Topic: Can I have a little something crossover for a change? I have a sudden urge for GetBackers (Ban and Ginji) and Sherlock Holmes (Holmes and Watson) interaction...
Due to

"And so we have to go to England?" Ban asked.

Makubex nodded.

"To Sussex."


"To collect a battered dispatch-box from a retired pair of bee-keeping gentlemen living on the Sussex Downs and bring it back here."

"It contains certain mathematical documents on the binomial theorem belonging to an ancestor of mine."

Ban sighed. He looked up at the ceiling. He looked at Ginji. He looked at Makubex. "All right. The GetBackers never refuse a mission. But I just want one thing put in the contract."

"What's that?"

"That when this all goes horribly, horribly wrong -- I told you so."
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Title: punchline
Requester: [ profile] chrysan
Series: GetBackers
Requested Topic: Get Backers - How Toshiki perceives the changed Juubei. And by changed, I mean the 'training' Juubei has gone through to make Makubex laugh. *loves Juubei and his very cold jokes*
Due to

Juubei lay under the quilt and coughed.

"Drink this," Toshiki said, passing the tea. "And how did you get a cold, anyhow? It's the middle of summer."

"Probably while I was standing under the waterfall," Juubei grunted.

"Ah." Toshiki nodded. "Training. We must guard Kazuki well --"

"No. It was training for Makubex."

"Similar, surely?"

"It was to make him laugh. I stood under the waterfall and meditated upon humour. I recited jokes to myself as the cold water beat down on me."

"Did it work?" Toshiki asked, when he was again capable of speech.

"Yes. I feel funnier already."
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Title: you two deserve one another
Requester: [ profile] yhibiki
Series: Get Backers/Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Get Backers/Yami no Matsuei -- so maybe retrieving a soul wasn't as easy as it originally sounded.
Due to

"Don't worry," Ban said, staring up at the huge hydra. "I know how to handle this."

Ginji flexed his fingers. Electricity crackled and spat. "But, Ban-chan," he pointed out, "what if that weird doctor in white over there keeps on summoning more of them? It was bad enough with all those dogs . . ."

"Trust me," Ban said. He slid the mobile phone out of his pocket and flipped it open, punching in a number.

Ginji stared in disbelief.

"Himiko?" Ban said into the phone. "Are you with -- yes, put him on. Doctor Jackal? I've got a challenge for you."


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