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Title: who's that knocking on the window
Requester: [ profile] libekory
Series: DGM/Harry Potter
Requested Topic: DGM in a Harry Potter AU. ♥
Due to:

There were older fears than You-Know-Who and the Death Eaters abroad in the land after the war. Older darknesses walked the streets of wizarding Britain, looking for people who didn’t know the stories and who wouldn’t be afraid. Grandmothers warned the children:

If you see a strange man at the door, always ask him to remove his hat so that you can be sure he has no horns.
If the strange man asks you about someone who died recently, look at his forehead for a ring of crosses.
And if the strange man offers to bring them back to you…

Tell him no.
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Title: on the vanity of earthly greatness
Requester: [ profile] sophiap
Series: The Invisible Library
Requested Topic: Hmm... How about something from the Invisible Library where Irene and/or Kai are trying to track down a rumored version of one of the Harry Potter books that exists only in one alternate - maybe.
Due to:

“How many more days of food do we have?” Kai asked.

“Three days,” Irene said. She’d counted the cans again earlier, in between working through the stacks of books. “Then I’ll need to take us back to the Library for more food and anti-radiation drugs.”

“Why are you putting those other ones aside?” He nodded to the pile of volumes on the dust-caked trolley.

“I’d like to read them,” Irene said mildly. “And if we can find the Rowling book, then we won’t need to come back to this alternate again.”

Kai shoved his hands in his pockets. “When people plan time capsules to be unearthed in a hundred years, I don’t think they have this sort of thing in mind.”

Irene nodded. The chemical light burned pale. “They buried works of art and high literature to be dug up by future generations after the war. And what have we come here to look for? Tom Riddle and the Philosopher’s Stone.”

“Bear in mind, you lost the toss,” Kai said. “I get to read it first.”


Jun. 21st, 2012 01:42 am
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Can anyone think of something to do with lining fabric? Among the donations from the friend-of-a-friend were a lot of samples of lining fabric (for suits and so on), in various degrees of polyester and nylon. A lot of it's very pretty, but it's not really any use for quilting or patchwork, and I probably shouldn't try to make toys out of it either. Probably it should be among any stuff that I triage out.

I've been reading the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Century 2009. And really, I don't think it's about a certain schoolboy being the Antichrist, or at least, not remotely in a way that's meant to blame that schoolboy, or his author. )


Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?

-- Albus Dumbledore, in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
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Title: the arcane art of punctuation
Requester: [ profile] avalonjones
Series: Harry Potter / Saiyuki
Requested Topic: Goku is going to this really neat school and he writes a letter to Sanzo to tell him all about it and his new friends and all the neat stuff he's learning! (... sorry for the Goku-ish tone of the request...)
Due to

Sanzo this place is so cool! I’m getting good marks in all the classes except for Potions which doesn’t count because Hakkai can cook better stuff than meanie old Snape any day and Snape says that he will be delighted to meet Hakkai on any occasion and I said that at least Hakkai’s hair is clean and Snape gave me extra chores and that meant I couldn’t do Kwidditch Qiditch Quidditch but that’s okay because Hermione (she’s like Yaone, she’s cute) says that cloud trapezes aren’t allowed anyhow which is really mean.

And that tower would have fallen down anyway.
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Title: AU: new term
Requester: [Bad username or site: @]
Series: Bleach/Harry Potter
Requested Topic: What if the shinigami were really wizards? Bleach/Harry Potter fusion.
Due to

"The celebration will be postponed," Yamamoto said, and Ichigo could feel the heat of his regard all the way from up on the dais, "until we have managed to repair the Sorting Hat."

"Cheer up," Renji said, and elbowed Ichigo in the ribs. "You're in the Academy now."

"But I didn't want to join the Academy," Ichigo complained.

"Nonsense," Rukia said from his other side. She had bony elbows too. "You need the training."

"But Urahara was training me," Ichigo protested.

"Stop complaining, Kurosaki-kun!" Orihime said cheerfully from across the table. Ichigo put his arms round his ribs protectively. "I think it's going to be great fun! I'm looking forward to putting the Sorting Hat on and learning all sorts of interesting things about myself . . ."

"Indeed," Ishida said, glasses flashing. "It would have been very interesting to get to try the Sorting Hat on."

"It was a total accident," Ichigo whined, and wished he could slide under the table. "I mean, hasn't it ever burst into flames and start screaming for a psychologist when anyone else tried it on?"

"If it had," Yoruichi said, "they wouldn't have called in the Second Division Aurors to suppress you." She waved a paw up at Soi Fong, who was sitting at the head table and looking more than usually disgruntled.

"Shouldn't you be sitting up there yourself?" Ichigo asked, desperate to change the question. "I mean, you're a teacher, right?"

"I'm a cat at the moment," Yoruichi said, and stole some of Ichigo's mackerel. "Temporary suspension of rules while in feline form. Check the Academy Charter. While in Animagus form, teachers are considered to be technically off duty and the tactful thing to do is ignore them."

"Right," Ichigo said, and moved his plate well out of her reach. "And about Urahara --"

"Pity about that," Yoruichi said, licking her whiskers, "but it's not my fault that some people can only get in touch with their Inner Cockroach when shifting shape. Be careful where you step."
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Title: when all else remains
Requester: [ profile] avalonjones
Series: Saiyuki / Harry Potter
Requested Topic: Luna Lovegood and Jeep! A wonderful secret.
Due to

"So, Miss Lovegood," Professor Flitwick squeaked. "Would you mind explaining why you were taking that hamper of food to the Forbidden Forest?"

Luna smiled happily. "It's because the little white dragon who I met there said that he and his friends needed more food before they went any further on their journey to defeat the evil Gyumaoh and find the stolen sutras and save the world. And he wanted cigarettes too for his friends but I told him they weren't healthy."

Professor Flitwick sighed. "For your future reference, Miss Lovegood, it's 'whom I met there', not 'who I met there'."
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Title: marrying into the family
Requester: [ profile] masonk
Series: Harry Potter / HP Lovecraft
Requested Topic: What comes after high school.
Due to

Mrs Weasley goes trotting down the stairs to the family tombs, and to the cellars far below. The place needs a good dusting.

Her Ron and her Ginny are getting married! And where else but in the ancestral chapel?

She can't wait to have Harry and Hermione in the family.

And if part of her mind remembers screaming until her voice cracked, when Arthur first brought her down here for their wedding and she saw what lay below the little Weasley family house, she pushes it down again, as she has been doing for decades, and smiles a happy smile.
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Title: going Knuts
Requester: [ profile] vincentursus
Series: Sherlock Holmes / Harry Potter
Requested Topic: Comments on the lack of common sense in the Wizarding World.
Due to

"And the currency, Watson, the currency!" Holmes exclaimed. "Consider the sheer mathematic implausibility of it! Twenty-nine Knuts to the Sickle, seventeen Sickles to the Galleon, four hundred and ninety-two Knuts --"

"Ninety-three," I unwisely corrected him.

Holmes shot me a glare. "Precisely," he snapped. "The whole arrangement is unsound. It is practically guaranteed to cause confusion. Little wonder that it breeds such Arithmancy experts as Moriarty himself. I believe he excelled in the subject! It would be better to adopt some more practical currency. Indeed, one could almost prefer some Continental atrocity such as decimalisation to this state of confusion . . ."
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Title: always trust your client
Requester: [ profile] acern
Series: Phoenix Wright / Harry Potter
Requested Topic: Phoenix defending another character (Ed from FMA? Rukia? Voldemort? Tsuzuki?)
Due to

"Don't worry, Mr Voldemort," Phoenix said reassuringly. "I'm sure these allegations of mass murder and torture are nothing but mistakes, and this whole 'Death Eater' thing is unjustified persecution of a harmless knitting society. As soon as the police find the real culprit, you'll be free in no time. But there is just one question . . ."

"Yes?" his noseless, black-robed client hissed.

"You are actually innocent, right?"

"Of course I am, mudblood minion," his client whispered hoarsely, his glowing eyes staring into Phoenix's own as he played with his pet giant snake.

"Oh well, that's all right then," Phoenix said, reassured.
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Title: but how they played the game
Requester: [ profile] yagathai
Series: Amber / Harry Potter
Requested Topic: Amber plus Potter. Go!
Due to

By now the players are mostly gone. Brand abandoned his pawn for insufficient vision ("Mere immortality? Pah!"); Fiona has grown bored with hers, who is competent enough but lacks ambition; Caine has pulled off a beautiful reverse sacrifice with his and scored high on points, even if the man is now dying of snakebite; Flora is pointing out to everyone that at least hers survived, even as a diminished coward; while Corwin has sailed through to a general success and triumphant victory.

Gerard and Benedict wait to see the end. Twenty years later, they're still watching. They like happy families.
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Title: a matter of life
Requester: [ profile] avalonjones
Series: Bleach / Harry Potter
Requested Topic: Kon and Dumbledore, in any way that you see fit! Perhaps Kon vs. Dumbledore; maybe Kon is a wee bit overconfident.
Due to

Harry stared at the various oddments that littered Dumbledore's shelves. Of course, he was far too sensible to touch anything.

He prodded the old toy lion. Someone had transfixed it with a miniature sword. You could almost see a look of pain on its face, if you squinted.

"Ah, Harry," Dumbledore said, sweeping up behind him silently.

"Sir," Harry acknowledged. "Er, is this another Horcrux?"

"Quite the opposite, Harry. This is an empty shell, no more. But what formed it -- he was a being who would do anything rather than take a life, and who gave his own for others."
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Title: low blow
Requester: [ profile] unicorn_san
Series: Harry Potter
Requested Topic: Let's see, how about Dr. Who with Sherlock Holmes XD If not, Harry Potter with a unicorn.
Due to

"And what's more," Hagrid said loudly, "all that Muggle talk about virgins is a load of codswallop, right? Don't believe a word of it. Just because a unicorn'll come to you don't mean that you're a virgin. Unless you want to be. So get your sugar lumps and let's not hear any more of that rubbish."

"Potter is a virgin, Potter is a virgin," Malfoy whispered.

Hermione spun to face him, wand drawn. "Accio honey!"

"Oh, fine," Malfoy said, looking down his nose. "So the Mudblood's ruined my trousers. So what?"

"Don't ask me. Ask those unicorns coming this way."
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Title: "has problems with authority"
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Harry Potter / Full Metal Alchemist
Requested Topic: "Sorcerer's Stone" indeed. Hmph.
Due to

"You could just give me a list of everyone that your brother annoyed," Dumbledore said.

Al crossed his legs nervously. The metal-legged chihuahua in his lap squeaked angrily. "I'm terribly sorry," he said, staring at the ground. "I think so far . . . um, he hasn't annoyed Professor Snape."


"No. Um. He reduced him to an icy slavering fury instead."

"And you think that this might be connected with your brother's transformation?"

Al slumped further. "After the duel with Colonel Mustang on the Quidditch pitch yesterday, sir, I think that Professor Snape would probably be part of a very long line."
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Title: The Adventure of the Withered Wand
Requester: [ profile] masonk
Series: Harry Potter & Sherlock Holmes
Requested Topic: The Mysterious Affair At Hogwarts
Due to

My dear Watson,

I trust that your vacation progresses well, and that Mrs. Watson is enjoying the Peak District. I must inform you that we have of late been struck by a plague of owls, which seem unduly attracted to 221 in general, and my rooms in particular. Mrs. Hudson is quite distraught, and for some reason suspects my latest experiments to be the culprit in this matter. I have not as yet informed her that they seem to be carrying letters, as I fear her reaction might not be wholly favourable. The latest letter is addressed to me, and . . .
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Title: a matter of time
Requester: [ profile] masonk
Requested Topic: Potter & Holmes. Yeah, it's kinda matter/antimatter, which is why my head blew up, too.
Series: Harry Potter / Sherlock Holmes
Due to

a matter of time )
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Title: at night all cats are grey
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Requested Topic: (Can you do a Bleach/Potter crossover?)
Series: Harry Potter, Bleach
Due to

at night all cats are grey )
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Title: Tom Barimen's Schooldays
Requester: vincentursus
Requested Topic: Harry Potter / Amber
Series: Harry Potter / Amber
Due to

Read more... )


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