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This is a set of notes for a very self-indulgent imagining of a musical based on the In Nomine rpg, as performed by Takarazuka, as plotted in the car by me and [ profile] archangelbeth, and written down by me not to forget about it and possibly to expand on it.

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Title: Letter: unimpressed
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Library / In Nomine
Requested Characters: Irene, the Archangel Raphael
Due to

M. Raphael,

If you wish to claim that you are an archangel, then I am hardly going to argue the point with you.

If you desire to inform me that you are in constant contact with Heaven and will bring down the wrath of the Angelic Hosts on me, then I am delighted to hear it.

However, if you want to remain a borrower at our Library (I believe that there is some precedent for the situation) then kindly supply us with the list of attached books. We are aware that some of them are not yet published, but if you are an Archangel, then that should not be a problem for you.

Yours faithfully,

Irene Winters
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Title: Letter: sincere appreciation
Requester: [ profile] vincentursus
Series: In Nomine / Amber
Requested Characters: Archangel Michael, Corwin of Amber
Due to

Dear Sir,

His Serenity the Archangel of War would like to congratulate you on your use of effective and intelligent combat tactics. His admiration for your style is so great that he wishes to introduce the new award, “A Corwin,” for those servitors who manage to entirely avoid a pointless combat during moments of extreme danger or urgency. The current suggestion involves a medal with one side embossed showing a portrait of a prostate man with a cloak over his head and a sword through his chest, and your signature on the other side. Please respond to this divine communication if you wish to be associated with the presentation of such orders of merit.

Alcohol will be involved.

Yours faithfully,

pp Smitiel, Secretary to the Archangel Michael, Mercurian of War, Eradicator of Paperwork, General of the War Office, Sinker of Beers
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Title: Letter: we don’t like zombies on our lawn
Requester: [ profile] fadethecat
Series: In Nomine
Requested Characters: Saminga, Novalis (...I have to admit, I have Restraining Order in mind, but as pleases you!)
Due to

They never told me you were SO MEAN.

I can understand it if you don’t like my zombies. Not everyone likes my zombies. Not everyone has GOOD TASTE.

But then Kobal showed me your new game where you have flowers shooting down my POOR HELPLESS LITTLE ZOMBIES. That is mean. That is SO MEAN. Those zombies never did anything to hurt YOU.

I am going to make a game where the zombies rip up the little flowers and eat them and SERVE YOU RIGHT.

I’m going to get you and your little sunflowers too. Meanie.

(PS: this makes more sense if you have played Plants Vs Zombies. Sorry.)
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Title: Letter: in a brown paper wrapper
Requester: [ profile] sariel_di
Series: In Nomine
Requested Characters: Baal to Novalis
Due to

Fondly remembered and still close to my heart Baal,

I enclose the DVD for this week’s exchange. I think you’ll enjoy it – it’s one of those superhero movies that Nybbas is so fond of, but I got Jean to tighten up the special effects and Eli to do some work on the script, and they filmed the special effects with real supercolliders.

Please don’t feel hurt by all the “in brightest day, in darkest night” stuff. Humans are so heliocentric.

Looking forward to your exchange DVD next week,

Your loving Novalis
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Title: Letter: wanting a hell of an extension
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Black Butler / In Nomine
Requested Characters: A certain Black Butler, and the IN Demon Prince of your choosing! (Reverse if struck by inspiration.)
Due to

Seb, Seb, Sebby! Dude!

I’ve been checking up on your record over here, and what I see totally rocks! I’m seeing big-time, I’m seeing stardom, I’m seeing stars! You have the style, and you know how to use it. Dude, you are going to be making bigtime viewing figures once I get this set up. Hey, perhaps we can even get the Lil-Babe to name a whole new Distinction after you. That would be seriously cool.

I don’t suppose you could, you know, make it a bit more gory sometimes? Gore sells. It’d put your viewing numbers through the roof – not that they aren’t there already! We’ve even got penetration in the Serious Old Fart market. Kronos said just the other day that you were doing a hell of a job.

But got to go, I’ve got a series to headline – I’ve got my people waiting to tell me the second you’re free from your current contract. You’re going to be a star, baby. Count on it.

Demon Prince of the Media
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Title: thoroughness
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Holmes/In Nomine
Requested Topic: Sherlock meets the Archangel of Revelation, and tells him how he deduced that he is something other than human, please.
Due to

“When one has eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,” Holmes said. “And since I am familiar with a number of chemicals, none of which would produce any such result as your manifestation, I have reason to believe that you are indeed a creature other than human.”

He paused.

“Precisely what is, of course, open to further discussion. But I trust you will forgive the necessity of checking for fangs, ropes, trapdoors, stage lights, hallucinogenic chemicals, draconic horns, hooves, paws, tails, rubber balloons, phosphorus, greasepaint, padding, shoe lifts, and false noses. One cannot be too careful.”
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Title: AU: no primary colours
Requester: [ profile] not_croaker
Series: In Nomine / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Vapula would like to have a word or two with Auntie Beeb about the new Dalek designs....
Due to

Vapula was not normally the sort to grow irritated with Ethereals. They were, after all, mere artifacts of the human imagination. If they transgressed, they should be appropriately pruned of unwanted traits and then reformatted into the proper channels.

However, when it reached the point of a whole set of new war machine designs having to be redrafted due to a change in human perception, due ultimately to Ethereal interference, and what was more, after he had already made certain promises to other Princes . . .

He surveyed a chosen group of minions. "You are supposed to be my best specimen collectors," he hissed. "Now is your chance to prove your dedication. Your skill. Your indefatigable aspiration to perfection -- incidentally, have you received the latest cyborging enhancements? And if not, why not?"

"We have, sir," a Balseraph lied fluently. "What is our mission?"

"Bring me the head of Auntie Beeb," Vapula snarled.
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Title: AU: all eaten up
Requester: [ profile] vincentursus
Series: In Nomine
Requested Topic: What if Haagenti had been defeated by Oblivion?
Due to

Sometimes Kobal thought that he'd had a really lovely, complex plan. It had involved picking a vigorous brash young demon, someone up and coming, hungry for success, and using him as a tool. He'd have played the fellow against other Princes. He'd have watched all their beautiful scheming and planning come to nothing against someone stupid, brainless, obvious, yet possessed of such raw hunger and ferocity that all their best efforts would simply be . . . devoured.

It was such a beautiful idea. But it had never happened.

After all, he'd remember it if had happened, wouldn't he?
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Title: AU: a terrible beauty is born
Requester: [ profile] undauntra
Series: Scales
Requested Topic: What if the In Nomine line editor were secretly a Scales dragon?
Due to

It was no accident that a blue dragon grandchild was assigned as line editor for a game about angels and demons.

Athabaska knew, after all, that the current “magical beings” were the descendants of the human beings who had once been entities infused by pure mana, created by human belief. Now that the mana level was rising once again, it was a matter not just of necessity but of urgency to see whether such beings could be created. Could this be the source of the Area 51 rumours? Were the “little grey men” the new race of magical beings? Someone had to find out, and Athabaska would be that dragon.

What was needed? A confined group of clearly defined entities to be believed in. A group of fervent believers to provide that faith. Technological backup, out of the reach of the American government or other people that might shield the technomancers.

And now he had word that the project was bearing fruit.

Something was gestating at the heart of the SJ Games computer server.

Something called ORC.
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Title: from a certain point of view
Requester: [ profile] sariel_di
Series: In Nomine
Requested Topic: Marc, tragedy?
Due to

There are some parts of Heaven where the fluctuations of different currencies are watched with the keen intensity that other viewers give their favourite soap opera. In the Halls of Commerce, multiple screens play graphs and tables of figures for watchers to check throughout the day and night.

(It used to be big scrolls over the archways, but those were the good old days.)

Given the definition of tragedy as "a fall from greatness", Marc has been known to declare tragedies whenever inflation hits a particular high and currency a particular low.

Eli doesn't think Marc quite got the point.
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Title: because
Requester: [ profile] ryuutchi
Series: In Nomine
Requested Topic: Something cute and sweet with Laurence or something dark and evil with Eli, your choice.
Due to

"It's a heathen superstition and a commercialisation imported into the Christian faith," Laurence said passionately. "An excuse for gluttony and over-indulgence. An outright assault by Haagenti. I have vowed to purify the festival. Repeatedly."

"Yes," Christopher said. "I quite agree. So would you mind telling me why you and your friends from the Sword are here on my doorstep on Easter Sunday morning, with all those chocolate eggs and fluffy bunnies?"

Laurence sighed. "They're for your children."

Christopher smiled like a sunrise. "They've been asking all morning if you'd be coming as usual."

"Well, of course we have," Laurence said.
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Title: bad books
Requester: [ profile] undauntra
Series: In Nomine / Exalted crossover
Requested Topic: Secrets upon Secrets
Due to

It was widely known that Yves' Library, besides holding all books that had ever been written, and all books that could have been written, held all books that should never have been written.

To some people, this was Temptation With Knobs On.

But as the Malakite of Janus explained to Dominic later: he could understand why perhaps he shouldn't have looked at the Testament of Lucifer, or the Book of Fate, or maybe even the Apology Of Lilith, but he couldn't see any harm in one called The Broken-Winged Crane.

And he'd never known that Yves had secret kick-ass ninjas.
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Title: a meeting of two minds
Requester: [ profile] ryuutchi
Series: GetBackers / In Nomine
Requested Topic: You had a wonky In Nomine/Get Backers crossover, a while back, I think. I'd love a drabble that had something to do with that.
Due to

The word floated on Makubex's screen: Identify?

Makubex, he typed back.

Identity not recognised. Query: Lightning?

This made no sense. Mugenjou, he returned.

Query: Dream Marches?

He supposed it was as good an answer as any. Technically. Identify yourself?


Identity not recognised.

Daughter of the Great Experimenter.

Makubex frowned. Babylon City? he queried.


Perhaps there were other places like Mugenjou. The very idea made his fingers tingle in anticipation. Query: location transfer possible?

Not at current time. Information transfer suggested?


Query: delighted?

How very technical of her. Information transfer would be acceptable and productive.

Let us begin.


(Explanatory note: in the In Nomine rpg setting, Miranda is an AI created by the Demon Prince of Technology, the Great Experimenter's Beautiful Daughter.)
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Title: Seraphim Council Ruling 3748163427898
Requester: [ profile] fadethecat
Requested Topic: Something with Litheroy. The poor snake needs more love. (Litheroy actually getting some loving not required, in said drabble.) (Literally or figuratively.) (Though it might be entertaining.)
Series: In Nomine
Due to

Seraphim Council Ruling 3748163427898 )
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QA meeting tomorrow. Trip to Birmingham on Wednesday for briefing/education session for helpdesk. (Please, please, let the temperature inside the train be survivable.) OPCS-4.3 meeting on Thursday.

When, I ask, am I ever going to get any flipping work done.

Up to 28K/34K on current project.


(The following was a piece written for an In Nomine campaign. You have to love demons of the Media. When things go wrong, they stage a documentary about it. Turned it up while going through a load of old badly-named files which I really need to sort out and rename at some point.)

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Title: Copyright Theft, the Eighth Deadly Sin
Requester: sariel_di
Requested Topic: Bleach/In Nomine, ideally something involving Nanao and/or Gin
Series: In Nomine / Bleach
Due to

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Title: quieta non movere
Requester: fadethecat
Requested Topic: Something involving Tatsuki. Bonus points if it includes any Servitor of Stone.
Series: Bleach / In Nomine
Due to

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This was originally going to be a short bit for 31_days, but it mutated on me. Blame Novalis.

Heaven's Rebel )
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For In Nomine players following the Interesting Times AU.

Pilgrimage )


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