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Done a busy day's work, then came home to finish a couple of quilt tops. Busy busy.

Day lightened by new Charles Stross short story, in the Laundry setting, up at:

Very strongly recommended indeed.

(Though if you like unicorns, you might want to sidle up to it carefully. Just saying.)
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Another busy day.

Also ... well, one of my coworkers is leaving. She's just given in her notice and made a general announcement. (I knew about it yesterday, but it wasn't public at that point.) Which means we've only got her for another 12 weeks. It's going to be really hectic when she's gone, as she's in my particular area of the team (cross-mapping). I understand her reasons totally -- her mother lives down south and is not well, and she's managed to find a reasonable job down there -- but while I'm glad for her, I'm selfishly annoyed for myself. Though trying not to show it, of course.

Oh well. Que sera, sera.

I will console myself with having cultivated my Suspicion until I got sent to New Newgate Prison in Echo Bazaar. There are things which can be done/obtained there which can't be done/obtained elsewhere in the game. (Rubs hands together and cackles.) Really, that is such an excellent game.

I think my common sense is telling me to have an early night tonight. I think I may even listen to it.

Also, the hand-quilting is Within Measurable Distance Of Its End, which is very good news. Hand-quilting is even more annoying than whipstitching the back of a quilt binding, and it has to look tidier. Only one more pink flower, two edges of grey/brown flowers, and four patches of leaves. Whee. I would not be working on it so continuously, were it not for the fact that coworker's wife is due in mid-June, and it would be nice to have the quilt ready to hand over at around the time that the baby arrives. Otherwise I would definitely be diverting myself with more entertaining/easier stuff for a break.

I have a curious urge to imagine a Chalet School/Laundry crossover. Yes, the Charles Stross Laundry, and yes, the Elinor M Brent-Dyer school story Chalet School. It'd be easy enough to have the doctors doing something interesting up at the Sanatorium which the school always stays close to. And don't tell me that all those multiple childbirths of Jo Bettany's (or Maynard) aren't suspicious.

No, what's clearly going on (again the "clearly") is that someone is collecting people to use their minds/brains for a distributed processing network. The girls are got at while they're young, trained/programmed while they're at the school, and then released across the world, though admittedly mainly in Britain/Europe (though we've also had girls from Australia, America, India, Kenya, and so on ...) So who is it, building up this network? What's the connection with whatever's being worked on in the Sanatorium? And what happens when They (whoever They are) finally activate it?


What happens at the Royal Bethlehem Hotel?

The manager of the Hotel offers free rooms to guests of particular note or interest. He irritably denies the suggestion that he might be 'collecting' them.

-- Echo Bazaar


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