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Title: some hope
Requester: [ profile] drhoz
Series: HP Lovecraft
Requested Topic: The Elder Things were shipped back to Arkham before they were allowed to defrost.
Due to:

... please note that this is not a fictional broadcast like Mr Wells’ recent radio drama involving Martian invaders. The aliens from the North Pole have occupied the University Library and are now building a machine outside it. We have no information on the fate of those members of staff last seen within the Library, though the lack of contact is somewhat disturbing. One of our student reporters is now approaching the Library, carrying a camera and dictaphone, and we hope that soon we will be able to make peaceful contact with these creatures, who, alien as they may be, may still share the aims and aspirations of humanity...
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Done a busy day's work, then came home to finish a couple of quilt tops. Busy busy.

Day lightened by new Charles Stross short story, in the Laundry setting, up at:

Very strongly recommended indeed.

(Though if you like unicorns, you might want to sidle up to it carefully. Just saying.)
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I've just been (slightly illicitly) reading The Stars Will Aid Their Escape, a crossover between My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and a certain other author. While the whole crossover was excellently written, this bit particularly amused me:


A strangely masked stallion was standing outside, looking up at the building and toying with a jam jar.

“Eeeeee! New pony! Hello,welcometoPonyville! I’msureyou’regoingtoreallylikeithere, I’mgoingtohavetostartplanningawelcomepartyforyourightaway!”

“And hello to you, Miss Pie. I’m surprised it took you so long to find me. You’re quite right, I’m sure I’ll find Ponyville very entertaining.”

“Oh, you know who I am, that’s all spooky and mysterious, like your mask. I like masks. And hats and fancy dress costumes and Nightmare Night. Oooh! And PARTIES! I LOVE parties! Do you like parties, Mr. Mysterious Pony?”

“Miss Pie, where I come from is a place of never-ending music and dancing. And laughter. I make sure there’s a lot of laughter.”

“Really? Nopony is better at making ponies laugh than me – it’s what a Pinkie is here to do! What kind of music? Polka? Pop? Piano? Post-industrial? We’re got lots of musician-ponies in Ponyville.”

“Flute, mostly. Perhaps you’d like to come and visit, sometime.”

“That would be super-dooper-awesome! But I can’t today, I have to go see some ponies about some stuff. Somepony has gone completely oatmeal and we all want to help her out and stop her calling up big scary monsters from out of the infinite black reaches of space and time. Big scary monsters are scary. Are you here to help with the big scary monsters? I bet you are, Mr. Mysterious Pony!”

"Your insight is phenomenal, Miss Pie. I am indeed here to help with the monsters."

-- Pinkie Pie and a Character From Another Author's Work


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