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Title: suitable company
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Amber / Onmyouji
Requested Topic: Mmm, Mandor and Abe no Seimei, whatever you'd like to do with them....
Due to:

It was a meeting which involved such delicate suggestions, such elusive hints, and such complicated references, that at the end of it both gentlemen involved were not exactly certain what had been said or committed to.

But they both agreed that in terms of style and elegance (one in black, one in white, beside a convenient reflective pool, with flute music and attentive servants) it had been entirely worthwhile.

“I really must bring my little brother along next time,” Mandor said.

“How very kind,” Seimei said. “He can keep my Hiromasa company while we talk.”

“Actually,” Mandor said, “I was thinking more that he could keep your butterfly company. But whatever makes them happy.”
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Title: time was, time is, time shall be
Requester: [ profile] tadakainmate
Series: Onmyouji
Requested Topic: Hiromasa & Seimei, theme of growing old together please!
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Seimei knows all the tricks for stealing life, for bringing the dead back, and for cheating Fate. But as he watches Hiromasa grow older with the years (and, to be honest, feels age in his own joints, and plucks the betraying threads of white from his own hair), he knows that he can’t use them.

Power comes through knowledge. Knowledge shapes who you are. To be who he is, onmyouji and master, there are things that he can never do.

But he can stroll down through the years with Hiromasa, and weave their names together in his own secret spell.
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Title: the heart has its reasons
Requester: [ profile] takadainmate
Series: Onmyouji
Requested Topic: Can I have Seimei and Hiromasa? And I'd like to see Seimei flustered over something for once if you can. Please?
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"Seimei?" Hiromasa says.

Seimei looks up, and once again feels a nagging dart of irritation that he gave his name so easily to this man. This irksome man. This visitor who keeps on disturbing him from his studies, or from his leisure, or from just sitting in the garden with his shikigami as an aesthetic background. This Minamoto no Hiromasa, and he owns the man's name just as Hiromasa owns his, and he could use it. Don't think that he couldn't. It would be ease itself. A single word.

"Seimei . . ."

"Yes?" Seimei says, and closes his scroll. "What is it?"
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Title: selfishness
Requester: [ profile] tadakainmate
Requested Topic: Hiromasa/Seimei
Series: Onmyouji
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selfishness )


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