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Okay, I have finally got around to organising my photos of Prague a bit, from that trip I took in March. They're here -- -- if anyone would like a look.

And yes, I have to use the Astronomical Clock somewhere/somehow.
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So, Prague.

Wednesday: )

Thursday: )

Friday: )

Saturday: )

Have not as yet drunk the absinthe or slivovitz, though expect that I will do so soon.
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Okay, so I'm back.

I have had an absolutely magnificent time and spent too much and ate too much and definitely walked too much, and I will try to write some of this up later (I have just been clearing email/etc), but right now I just want to fall over.

Prague is a fantastic city and you should all go and visit it.

I came back with slivovitz and absinthe and guide books and Mucha postcards and bookmarks and beads (did I mention that the Czech Republic is one of the big bead manufacturers out there? Check out "fire-polished beads", though I can say, hand on heart, it wasn't my original reason for deciding to visit Prague, more of a later happy coincidence) and a mug with Mucha art on it and a mug with Klimt art on it and a pair of garnet earrings. All of it packed into my rather full luggage. Oh, and some biscuits for friends at work. I decided not to bring back chocolates because several of us gave them up for Lent. Note the "us" rather than "them" as being a possible factor here.

Prague has trams. And a Metro. And a Castle. And a lot of restaurants where one can get dishes like rabbit on spinach and red cabbage with dumplings. Or shredded pancakes with plums and sultanas in brandy sauce. And Prague has an Astronomical Clock. And a Mucha Museum. And a lot of cobbles. Prague is cool.

I will now go and fall over and see if my feet reattach themselves overnight, because Prague also involves a lot of walking around it, and so does Amsterdam airport (where I changed planes going to and from Prague). I also had the fun of having the plane turn back on the Amsterdam-Leeds flight due to technical difficulties, and getting in four hours later than planned.

Oh, and I finished Devil Survivor 2 on my DS and am now on a new game. Go me.

Prague. Amazing.


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