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Title: flotsam and jetsam
Requester: [ profile] sophiap
Series: Sapphire & Steel / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Sapphire & Steel, 11th Doctor, "too much history"
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“Cluttered,” Steel said, looking around the battered console room with an expression of distaste. “Untidy, confused, a mess, quite impossible to find anything . . .”

Sapphire said nothing, but she was looking at the Doctor himself, her expression much the same.

“Yes, yes, I know,” the Doctor said, waving a hand. “Cross-timeline intersection, meeting of authorised representatives, whatever. You might at least try to be a bit more helpful.”

“Help you?” Steel said. “After last time? The Titanic was supposed to sink.”

“And it did. Eventually.”

Steel snorted. “The flotsam of history is not our business.”

“It is mine,” the Doctor said.
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Title: AU: night watch
Requester: [ profile] cat_i_th_adage
Series: Yami no Matsuei / Sapphire and Steel
Requested Topic: A Sapphire @ Steel/Yami no Matsuei crossover might be interesting. ("Hisoka plays chess, but not very well.")
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Hisoka has always thought that he should be rather better at chess than he actually is: after all, he is rational, controlled, sensible, all qualities that should suit a chess-player.

However, he doesn't mind losing to this opponent so much.

Three nights now they've been watching. Hisoka and Tsuzuki turned up at the same time as the other team, and after some confusion, they agreed to keep the watch over the potential 'candidate' together. The woman gets on well with Tsuzuki, and they go out together to walk round the area and buy cakes, drink coffee, and talk about inconsequentialities.

The man sneers at Tsuzuki. But he seems to tolerate Hisoka. They play chess together.

Hisoka can sense nothing human from him, and oh, what a relief it is. He hears the cold precise movement of perfectly molded steel turning in endless wheels, and he smells the sharpness of bare metal, and he sees the cool perfection of mirroring mirror that asks nothing of him and offers nothing in return. It's like lying on cold stone in the middle of summer. It's a blissful rest.

He doesn't even mind that he keeps on losing at chess.
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Title: necessity
Requester: [ profile] sophiap
Series: D.Gray-Man / Sapphire and Steel
Requested Topic: Clocks and lies
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Miranda hasn't told anyone about the woman who came to her last night. She said that she'd been sleeping badly.

Which wasn't actually a lie.

The woman was blonde and sophisticated, and she kept on telling Miranda that Miranda mustn't, absolutely mustn't use her Innocence any more. She said that it was damaging the fabric of time and space.

Miranda apologised, but with all her courage, she told the woman that she didn't have any choice.

Nor do I, the woman said sadly, and next time I come, my friend Steel will come too, and I am so very sorry.
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Title: whatever works
Requester: [ profile] copperbird
Series: Sapphire & Steel / Torchwood
Requested Topic: Sapphire & Steel / Torchwood
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"This 'Captain Jack Harkness' has left a whole trail of temporal irregularities throughout the last couple of centuries," Steel muttered. "He's a living breach in the natural order. It can't go on like this. Things will take notice."

"Things already have," Sapphire said calmly.

"I knew it!" Steel snarled. "And of course we have to clear up the results --"

"Actually," Sapphire cut in, "I believe Torchwood has already sorted them all out."

Steel glowered.

"Or are you upset that cosmic entities got chased off by the power of friendship and one well-timed pinch of the buttocks?"

Steel glowered more.
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Title: edged gentlemen
Requester: [ profile] flit
Series: Sapphire and Steel / Blake's Seven
Requested Topic: What would Avon from Blake's Seven have to say to Steel?
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"So," Avon said. "You won't tell us who you are. You won't tell us how you got on the Liberator. And you expect us to believe that you're mysterious agents from beyond time and space."

Steel returned an icy stare. "Precisely."

"Avon!" Vila whined. "They did appear out of thin air without teleport bracelets. And they did deal with that weird rift that all the stuff was coming from. And they seem like nice friendly types. Can't you just trust people for once?"

Avon and Steel looked at each other.

"Of course not," Avon said.

"Why should he?" Steel agreed.
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Title: all irregularities will be handled
Requester: copperbird
Requested Topic: Introduce one of the missing elements.
Series: Sapphire and Steel
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