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Title: AU: a terrible beauty is born
Requester: [ profile] undauntra
Series: Scales
Requested Topic: What if the In Nomine line editor were secretly a Scales dragon?
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It was no accident that a blue dragon grandchild was assigned as line editor for a game about angels and demons.

Athabaska knew, after all, that the current “magical beings” were the descendants of the human beings who had once been entities infused by pure mana, created by human belief. Now that the mana level was rising once again, it was a matter not just of necessity but of urgency to see whether such beings could be created. Could this be the source of the Area 51 rumours? Were the “little grey men” the new race of magical beings? Someone had to find out, and Athabaska would be that dragon.

What was needed? A confined group of clearly defined entities to be believed in. A group of fervent believers to provide that faith. Technological backup, out of the reach of the American government or other people that might shield the technomancers.

And now he had word that the project was bearing fruit.

Something was gestating at the heart of the SJ Games computer server.

Something called ORC.
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Title: be grateful there were only seven
Requester: [ profile] undauntra
Series: Scales
Requested Topic: Knitting/Vorok. Hat!
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The Hat War, as it was known among the descendants of the Hydra, was bitter and protracted.

Each head had a definite opinion about which hats the other heads should wear. Colour coordination was mentioned. Choice of yarn and needles were debated.

But when the real dilemma came -- the question of which hat the single human form should wear on its head -- then the situation truly came to a head. City blocks were levelled. Ice-cream trucks were demolished. Yarn shops were raided.

A final multi-head peace treaty was declared. There would be no hat.

(It was August, anyhow.)
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Title: the genuine article
Requester: [ profile] flemmings
Series: Saiyuki Gaiden / Scales
Requested Topic: OK, will bite. Crossover: Scales and Saiyuki (Gaiden or main). Prompt: meat buns.
Due to

"All right," Kenren said. "Invasion of extraterrestrial flying reptiles, not something which happens every day, but I was at least expecting some action. What happened?"

"I notified the most logical people to take an interest," Tenpou said. "Goujun-sama was very interested to see the full reports. I believe he took the arrival of these 'dragons' quite personally."

"Yeah, he's been very cheerful," Kenren agreed. "Actually offered me one of those meatbuns from that new dish in his office."

A pause.

"You're very quiet," Kenren said suspiciously.

"Oh dear," Tenpou said. "Well, I suppose at least it's not cannibalism, per se . . ."


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