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Thank goodness for whoever invented sticky post-it notes. When going through a dictionary of demons (Names of the Damned: The Dictionary of Demons, by Michelle Belanger) and looking for interesting candidates for a story I'm trying to plot, I need some way to keep track of the ones I've noted down for later.

(Well, besides writing a list out. Because that would be too easy.)


Alastor: a vengeance demon named in Collin de Plancy's Dictionnaire Infernal. In this text, de Plancy indicates that Alastor was known in the Zoroastrian tradition as the Executioner. Although the Zoroastrian connection is dubitable, in the tradition of the ancient Greeks, Alastor was indeed a spirit of vengeance. Zeus was known as Zeus Alastor whenever he assumed a vengeful form. In Waite's presentation of the Grand Grimoire from his 1910 Book of Black Magic and Pacts, Alastor is described as Hell's Commissioner of Public Works. He is also portrayed as an infernal judge. These attributions tie back to the work of Charles Berbiguier, a self-styled demonologist from the early nineteenth century.

-- Names of the Damned: The Dictionary of Demons, by Michelle Belanger
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I know that if I don't make myself keep on updating this, I'll forget about it, and eventually stop. I've had enough hobbies (or exercise plans, ahem, ahem) that went that way before. Ergo, scribble.

Work is being tiring, and my body clock seems out of whack. Must be all the holiday.

I just found this in a quotefile. Wrote it a while ago while doing Children of the Grigori stuff.

And in that far-famed foreign lande, the worlde
Did God send forth his heartiest messengers
Those angelles whom he did well Watchers term
There to abidde and teach the sons of menne
Yet rather say the daughters were their doome
For such as are so fair are makeless maids
Whose unmaking did angel hearts destroy
For such, we the once proud and paramount
Were far expelled, far-flung, and cast far downe...

Okay, derivative, I know. I really hope that gets somewhere some day.

Friday tomorrow. Thank heavens.


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