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For various reasons (hey, it's the weekend) I found myself skimming through a few of the Solar Pons stories. It's odd: they've actually aged less well than the original Sherlock Holmes stuff of which they're a pastiche, despite having been more recently written. Possibly because they're also less well written.

I also attach a couple of quotes to demonstrate that the modern mind is in the gutter.


It was on a warm summer night in mid-August that the curious matter of the Sotheby salesman came to the notice of my friend, Solar Pons. Fortunately, Pons had no problem in hand; he and I had spent the greater part of the day in Soho, moving idly from one place to another. Shortly after eleven o'clock that night we returned to our lodgings in Praed Street and found the telegram which was to introduce us to the mystery at Sotheby...

-- The Adventure of the Sotheby Salesman, August Derleth


There was no need for Pons to answer: he was already removing his dressing-gown, and I knew that to take issue with him would be folly.

-- The Adventure of the Mazarine Blue, August Derleth
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Have just been watching the new Sherlock.

In the interests of avoiding murder (mine) I will not go into details, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. So did my parents, who were watching along with me. I would have managed to knit a lot more if I hadn't been so absorbed by the action and dialogue.

I will say that a thousand fanfiction bunnies will have been started by one of the early scenes. (You'll know which one if you've seen it.) And a million more by the rest of the episode.

Also, beware gentlemen in rimless glasses. They're always bad news.
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Title: sweet indecision
Requester: [ profile] darth_veyda
Series: Sherlock
Requested Topic: Sherlock BBC, Reichenbach, the very last Sherlock's conversation with Molly - what if Molly knew Jim's identity all along and may or may not be actually working for him?
Due to:

They both trust her absolutely. That is power.

Jim believes she’s going to send Sherlock up to him, alone and – well, nobody could call Sherlock unarmed while he still had his mind, but it will do for now. Meat trussed and ready for serving. That will do. And Jim’s so very hungry.

Sherlock believes that she’s going to help him fake his death. He’s already worked out part of Jim’s game, and he’ll probably deduce the rest before he’s finished climbing to the roof.

They’re both absolutely certain of her.

She has her thumb on the balance. She can choose who wins and who loses. Now she understands how both of them feel when they’re a step ahead of the rest of the world.

If only she could make up her mind.
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Title: going off the rails
Requester: [ profile] archangelbeth
Series: Phoenix Wright/Sherlock
Requested Topic: Don't get me started with the thought of Sherlock (recent TV) + Phoenix Wright. Please. I'm giggling too much.
Due to:

“OBJECTION!” Phoenix screamed.

“What is it this time, Mr Wright?” the Judge inquired.

“I’m the defence attorney here! Look! My badge!” Phoenix ripped it out of his pocket and waved it at the courtroom. “That means I question the witnesses and challenge the prosecutor! That is not the defendant’s job!”

“Oh, please,” Sherlock sneered. “You’re an incompetent in any case, but you’re completely incapable of handling this case. Now hand me that gavel! I need to check it for bloodstains.”

“Mr Edgeworth!” the judge demanded. “Do something about your witness!”

“Mr Edgeworth is busy at the moment,” John Watson said, his friendly arm round the prosecutor’s shoulders concealing the gun pressed into the prosecutor’s side. “Do go on, Sherlock. I want to hear where this is going.”
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Very good piece here by Diane Duane about a certain genre of Sherlock fanfic, and writing for it.

[ profile] flemmings, I am strongly reminded of an earlier piece of yours on Aestheticism. She even brings up (and shoots down) the good old lie/lay. And the "the adjective man" referencing method. :)
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Mycroft's Delight

A truly magnificent piece from [ profile] dduane. And it includes the recipe.

I don't normally cook just to please myself, but in this case I might have a go...
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And now Sherlock is over -- well, until the promised third season. (Yes, there is a promised third season. Thank heavens.) So I will just spend the next few days watching the internet seethe and bubble.

Back to work and morphology tomorrow.


Back to his Native Strand

["Sherlock Holmes" is to reappear in the "Strand" Magazine.]
Air—"Archie" in the "Toreador."

Oh, Sherlock Holmes lay hidden more than half a dozen years.
He left his loving London in a whirl of doubts and fears.

For we thought a wicked party
Of the name of Moriarty
Had despatched him (in a manner fit to freeze one).
They grappled on a cliff-top, on a ledge six inches wide;
We deemed his chances flimsy when he vanished o'er the side.

But the very latest news is
That he merely got some bruises.
If there is a man who's hard to kill, why he's one.

Oh Sherlock, Sherlock, he's in town again,
That prince of perspicacity, that monument of brain.
It seems he wasn't hurt at all
By tumbling down the waterfall.
That sort of thing is fun to Sherlock.

When Sherlock left his native Strand, such groans were seldom heard;
With sobs the Public's frame was rent: with tears its eye was blurred.

But the optimists reflected
That he might be resurrected:
It formed our only theme of conversation.
We asked each other, Would he be? And if so, How and where?
We went about our duties with a less dejected air.
And they say that a suggestion
Of a Parliamentary question
Was received with marked approval by the nation.
And Sherlock, Sherlock, he's in town again,
Sir Conan has discovered him, and offers to explain.
The explanation may be thin,
But bless you! we don't care a pin,
If he'll but give us back our Sherlock.

The burglar groans and lays aside his jemmy, keys, and drill;
The enterprising murderer proceeds to make his will;
The fraud-promoting jobber
Feels convinced that those who rob err;
The felon finds no balm in his employment.
The forger and the swindler start up shrieking in their sleep;
No longer on his mother does the coster gaily leap;
The Mile-End sportsman ceases
To kick passers-by to pieces,
Or does it with diminishing enjoyment.
For Sherlock, Sherlock, he's in town again,
That prince of perspicacity, that monument of brain.
The world of crime has got the blues,
For Sherlock's out and after clues,
And everything's a clue to Sherlock.

-- PG Wodehouse
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For those who take an interest in the Sherlock tv series:

No, it did not disappoint. There might be a few plot points that are a tiny bit shaky in retrospect . . . but no, it did not disappoint.

And that's all any of you would want me to say in a post like this.
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Well, we didn't manage to play Ticket To Ride, but we did manage to watch Detective Dee. My parents enjoyed it, and my mother compared it to the new Sherlock Holmes (Game of Shadows) movie. Perhaps somewhat wandered from the original, but still a lot of fun to watch.

And we did see the new Sherlock last night. Oh yes. That was absolutely what I wanted, and even more so. Sparkling. Brains are definitely the new sexy. Seme x seme (x seme). And there are two more to come, with the next one on Sunday. Eeeexcellent.

Back up to Leeds this afternoon, and should be back to my regular computing habits this evening. Ah well. It was a nice holiday.
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Title: Letter: have yourself a merry little Christmas
Requester: [ profile] pony_rocks
Series: Sherlock
Requested Characters: John, Sherlock
Due to


Mrs Hudson wants me to tell you that she is very, very sorry about how the Christmas tree turned out to be a disguised bomb, but that it wasn’t her fault.

She also apologises about whatever it was in the brandy that made the Christmas pudding dissolve when you set it on fire and got the fire brigade called out.

But most importantly, she wants me to remind you that the rent is overdue.

(So stop trying to avoid her by claiming she’s a public health menace. We both know it was you who brought the tinsel that turned out to be an EMP transmitter, anyhow.)

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Um, quite a few behind the cut, I'm afraid. It's... been a while. And I'm not even trying to organise the drabbles that have accumulated (and yes, I still owe some from a few weeks ago. I blush for shame.) As for Winter War stuff, that's all under the index post.

List of fanfics )

Do please let me know if there are any problems. Or if you like them. :)
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Title: Letter: too much, too young
Requester: [ profile] flo_nelja
Series: Kuroshitsuji / Sherlock Holmes
Requested Characters: Ciel Phantomhive and Sherlock Holmes
Due to

Mr Holmes,

I am a great admirer of your work, but must admit that I am troubled by a statement of yours.

As Doctor Watson has remarked, you have said: "When we have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth."

My question is: what does one do when the remaining truth is unthinkable, or unendurable, or simply cannot be true? Where does one go, when there is only the abyss to look into?

Is this why you take the cocaine, sir? Is this the real reason why you drug yourself with cocaine? Because I could very well understand it, if that is the case.

When you have eliminated the impossible, and whatever is left behind is unendurable, then where is there to go?

Yours faithfully,

Ciel, Lord Phantomhive
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Title: securing evidence
Requester: [ profile] acern
Series: Sherlock Holmes / Phoenix Wright
Requested Topic: I see you've already gotten a lot of Sherlock Holmes requests, so instead I'll ask for... um... Phoenix Wright! In a crossover... with Sherlock Holmes? :D :D :D Their investigative methods meshing together in a wonderful kind of harmony (by which I mean totally clashing)? :D
Due to

“Excellently done, Watson!” Holmes exclaimed.

“It was nothing, Holmes,” I said, but I felt a glow of appreciation at my friend’s words.

“Nothing, indeed!” Lestrade snorted. “Doctor Watson, I’ve seen some fine rugby matches, but I’ve rarely seen a tackle to match the one that you brought him down with. Stronger men have tried, sir, tried and failed.”

“I simply couldn’t abide watching the fellow walking away with yet more evidence,” I said modestly. “Now if you’ll excuse me, I believe this Wright fellow requires medical attention rather than the antics of his pet spirit medium. Nothing personal, of course.”
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Title: the spirit of the thing
Requester: [ profile] liedra
Series: Sherlock Holmes (recent BBC adaptation)
Requested Topic: Holmes and Watson exchanging gifts on Christmas morning (you may interpret this however you wish)! :D
Due to

“Christmas? No, I’d quite forgotten . . . oh, I suppose I should say thank you.”

A pause.

“Do shut up, John, I’m working out what’s inside it.”

Another pause.

“Interesting rattle, a certain extra tick-tick when I shake it like this which suggests a piece is either broken off or hanging at an angle. All right, I’m sure it wasn’t broken when you wrapped it up. Really. Stop complaining.”


“It’s a copy of the skull cup that Byron owned which he found at Newstead Abbey. Yes, I saw you buying it yesterday . . . why are you looking at me like that, John?”
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Title: thoroughness
Requester: [ profile] prodigal
Series: Holmes/In Nomine
Requested Topic: Sherlock meets the Archangel of Revelation, and tells him how he deduced that he is something other than human, please.
Due to

“When one has eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth,” Holmes said. “And since I am familiar with a number of chemicals, none of which would produce any such result as your manifestation, I have reason to believe that you are indeed a creature other than human.”

He paused.

“Precisely what is, of course, open to further discussion. But I trust you will forgive the necessity of checking for fangs, ropes, trapdoors, stage lights, hallucinogenic chemicals, draconic horns, hooves, paws, tails, rubber balloons, phosphorus, greasepaint, padding, shoe lifts, and false noses. One cannot be too careful.”
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Title: the interior life
Requester: [ profile] vincentursus
Series: Sherlock Holmes
Requested Topic: Professor Moriarty. Villains may appreciate the holidays, but that doesn't make them any less villainous.
Due to

Throughout the Christmas morning service – unthinkable to miss it, no good upstanding citizen would do such a thing – Moriarty considered his latest plans, turning them over in the coldly functioning machinery behind his eyes while he listened to the pious sermon and croaked along with the creed and prayers.

He took no notes. Everything was in his mind; he needed nothing else.

Finally the service came to an end. Some children were singing carols outside in the snow. He smiled at them, and tossed a penny in their direction, watching to see which one would fight the hardest for it.
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Title: high functioning sociopath, please
Requester: [ profile] mei_yanohi
Series: Sherlock / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Arguing the pros and cons of multiple companions (the Doctor) vs one lifelong companion (Sherlock)
Due to

“Don’t you ever have the urge to interact with those of your own race more frequently?” Sherlock asked. “That sort of thing has come up often enough in literature – the loneliness of the wanderer whose friends keep on dying around him, the wish to associate with others of equal intelligence –“

“Don’t you ever have the urge to exercise tact?” the Doctor demanded. He was aware that Pond and John were exchanging sympathetic looks behind their backs.

“Never,” Sherlock said with satisfaction. “If I do it, then there is certainly a reason for it.”

“How very human,” the Doctor said, and sighed.
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So. (So there must be a better way of starting this than starting with "so".)

So I was discussing Sherlock Holmes with a co-worker, due to the fact that I had just been rereading The Seven Per Cent Solution and was explaining the main plotline to him (alas, the book does not involve being chased by white stallions around the Circus, which I seem to remember that the movie does) and conversation slipped, as it so often will, to the upcoming second Sherlock Holmes movie, and the joy of knowing that Steven Fry has been confirmed as Mycroft. We were both very pleased about this, as it struck us that he could do a good job with the role, though we don't know yet how large it will be. (Though I do have fond memories of Charles Gray, iirc, also doing a good job with it in the Jeremy Brett series. Ah well.)

We then vaguely wondered who would be playing Moriarty, and then I brought up the subject of Moran (Sebastian, Colonel). It did strike me, and my friend agreed, just how well he could be fitted into the sort of movie that this was likely to be. He had some clearly-defined character traits plus plenty of room for expansion. (Sniper, big-game hunter, card cheat.)

Hm, said my friend, but a problem here may be that the fact that he cheated at cards at his clubs will not, in the modern day, convey quite the social impact that it would have had then.

So we considered what sort of vice/misdemeanour/criminality could be added to his character for a suitable modern-day-sensibility punch.

Aha, cried I. Clearly he is a player of the Most Dangerous Game.

So if you see Moran getting to hunt Holmes across the moors with a big-game rifle (or similar location and similar artillery) then remember, you saw it here first.
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Title: AU: dead letters
Requester: [ profile] acern
Series: Sherlock Holmes
Requested Topic: What if Watson solved a case that Holmes couldn't?Due to

My dear Mary,

I remember that from time to time, you have asked me why I do not share some of the stories in which Holmes plays a lesser part? Where, to be plain, I have been of significant importance in the resolution of a case, and Holmes has been mistaken, or even outright wrong?

The answer, my beloved Mary, is that those are not the stories which I wanted to tell. I have been an Army doctor, and a doctor in private practice, and, by the grace of God, your husband, but I have never desired to be more of a hero than in your eyes. The stories which I share are the ones which I wish to go down to posterity. The stories which I told you, where I may have played some greater role, were for you alone.

You will never read this letter, but I trust that in your heart you already knew it. I will not leave it in the sealed dispatch-box containing others of Holmes' cases, for I do not wish to share it. It will be buried with me, and I ask you to believe me, now and always

Your devoted



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