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Um, quite a few behind the cut, I'm afraid. It's... been a while. And I'm not even trying to organise the drabbles that have accumulated (and yes, I still owe some from a few weeks ago. I blush for shame.) As for Winter War stuff, that's all under the index post.

List of fanfics )

Do please let me know if there are any problems. Or if you like them. :)
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Title: a little learning is a dangerous thing
Requester: [ profile] libekory
Series: Supernatural
Requested Topic: Sam + Dean - ladies' night. KEEP IN MIND that we're only around midway through Season 3 so. /sob I challenge you by asking for no spoilers.
Due to

“See, I’ve got this one,” Dean said confidently. “They’re just going to see two more women. Which means we don’t get torn apart.”

Sam looked down at the stuffing in his bra. “Dean –“

“Yeah, Sammy-boy? You got something relevant to offer?”

“Look, Dean.” He tried to keep his tone non-confrontational. “I’m not saying we don’t look like girls –“

“It’s the lipstick.”

“—and I know you’ve been doing hunting a lot more than I have –“

“Yeah, you got that right.”

“—but you have actually read the end of that Bacchae play, right?”

Dean paused. “Well, no. Couldn’t be bothered. Why?”
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Title: AU: what happens at beach party stays at beach party
Requester: [ profile] mei_yanohi
Series: Supernatural / Bleach
Requested Topic: What if Sam and Dean ran into some Reapers from Asia...? Why Death Gods from Japan would be in America, I couldn't say... Vizored on vacation? Shunsui and Jyuushirou would also be amusing. But in SPN, gods from other countries do tend to travel, especially due to the whole Apocalypse thing, so...
Due to

"You boys were supposed to be investigating," Bobby snapped. "That meant, or at least it did last time I checked it, going in with a bit of caution and watching your back."

"Oh, it wasn't a problem," Dean said, swaying. "Perfectly normal natural sorta ghosts. They were just having a beach party, see."

"Beach party," Sam said, and giggled. He leaned against Dean. There were lipstick marks all over his collar.

"Sam can't hold his drink," Dean confided. "See, we were going to have a sword fight, but I said that I don't bring a sword to a shotgun party, and then this big guy in a pink shirt said it was a party and we had to have a -- have a -- have a drink first."

"Pink is a pretty colour," Sam informed the room.

"And I was totally all right to drive," Dean insisted. "'xcept this lady said that she'd drive instead. And I never say no to a lady. Right?"

"Right," Sam agreed.

"Are you telling me that there's a ghost out there?" Bobby grabbed for the holy water.

"I wouldn't like to enter without an invitation," Unohana Retsu said, appearing in the doorway.

Bobby put down the holy water and slapped his forehead, hard. "Shit. Pardon my language. Might have known that you'd be involved, ma'am."

"Indeed you should," Unohana said. "And as for these boys --"

"Urgle," Sam said, and slumped to the floor.

"Nude volleyball!" Dean yelled.

Bobby raised an eyebrow.

Unohana smiled gently.
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Title: AU: Sunday letter home
Requester: [ profile] boymonster
Series: Supernatural
Requested Topic: What if Sam and Dean's (raised as a hunter) Mom was the one who had survived Azazel's visit, and John Winchester had died in the fire?
Due to

Dear Mom,

Thank you for the extra pocket money. Sam says thank you too. He is doing really well in all his subjects though I think his English teacher wants to talk to you next time you visit. It's the same problem I had and I've told him to keep that sort of stuff out of his essays but he doesn't listen very well.

Mom, if you're going on a business trip at half term, can I come too? Please please please? I promise to be good and stay back and do exactly what you tell me and keep my gun pointed at the ground unless you give the alert and all of it. Please. I promise to be extra good if you say yes.

They're still telling ghost stories in the dorm after lights out, but they get it all wrong. But I'm not stupid enough to tell them that.

If Mr Hackworth writes to tell you that he caught me out after dark, then it is just supposition and he doesn't have any proof, because I'm not so careless that he's going to catch me.

Lots of love,


PS - I promise to clean my room every day if you will take me along on the business trip.

PPS - and I'll do the washing up.
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Did not manage to get anything significant written this evening. OTOH, did manage to produce several pages of process guide for work package while actually at work, so clearly should be pleased with that.

Also managed run to post office at lunchtime to put packages for [ profile] flemmings and [ profile] liralen in the post, so that's done and dusted.

Reading more of the Supernatural rpg. Plenty of useful detail on how to handle "normal background" as well as the spooky side, which is good and sensible, since a lot of the fun on the show comes from the interplay between normal and spooky.

Significant lack of metaplot -- that is, overarching conspiracies, any real going into Azazel (though Meg gets a mention and details), going into the Winchesters, Lilith, crossroad demons (beside one mention), Lucifer, etc. Not unreasonable, since season four has only just finished, but I suspect a lot of people would like more. A lot of useful advice on handling play. (I'm not commenting on the system. Systems (outside work) are not my gaming thing.) Some examples of monsters, but more "how to build your own interesting demons/ghosts/etc" than huge lists and details on how the series handled them, though there are some examples.

More comments later.

Need to remember to post my payment for Yaoicon.


from Lighter than a feather


Now he's lighter than a feather,
less material than snow.

In the Duke's hunting lodge
the stories fall in cryptic patterns

Cold blows the north wind,
Thick falls the snow.
Take my hand and go, love

Until the striped deer is back
With its scholars and poets gather
in the garden once more.

-- Diana Bridge
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Enjoyable day today, including picking up copies of Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies and the new League of Extraordinary Gentlemen at the local comics/gaming shop. I also have a pdf copy of the brand new Supernatural rpg, which I will be commenting on more once I've had more of a chance to read it. It looks very good so far. Absolutely beautiful (which, alas, means I'm unlikely to be printing it out) and lovely formatting. Nice introduction.

I have also been playing the Threepenny Opera (the Donmar Theatre version) on iTunes while on the computer this evening. I blame the LOEG. And I wish the next part of LOEG would be out sooner.


SEBASTIAN : How terrible. Now the tea I worked so hard to prepare has become meaningless.

-- Kuroshitsuji
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Title: censorship
Requester: [ profile] sophiap
Series: Supernatural
Requested Topic: How about: Sam and Dean for the characters, and "children's literature" for the prompt?
Due to

"You mean it was really whiskey in the Biggles books?" Dean demanded.

"Oh yeah," Sam said. "All that ginger beer stuff? Pure censorship."

Dean stared into the middle distance. "Dad used to read me those books. All the stuff with their CO giving them ginger beer after missions, fighting over ginger beer . . ."

"Yeah, well, they were fighting Germans, not monsters," Sam pointed out.

"But don't you realise, Sammy?" Dean demanded. "All those years when he was giving us ginger beer after hunts. He could have been giving us whiskey, man! Whiskey!"

Sam thought about that. "Yeah. We've been robbed, man."


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