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Title: Letter: his middle name is helpfulness
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Bleach / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Characters: How about Yami no Matsuei's Watari and Bleach's Kurotsuchi Mayuri? ^__^
Due to

My good Watari,

Of course I am pleased, no, I am delighted to be of assistance to you. We shinigami should all be cooperating, don’t you think? I am genuinely upset that some of our colleagues have such backward and close-minded views.

I enclose the sex-change formula that you asked for. In fact, I have enclosed several variations of sex-change formulae. Why don’t you try them on your fellow shinigami and let me know what the results are? Come to think of it, why don’t you set up a linked-system internet feed with cameras so that I can watch?

Yours with the greatest of expectations,

Kurotsuchi Mayuri
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Title: Letter: just like the good old days
Requester: [ profile] p_zeitgeist
Series: Black Butler / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Characters: Muraki and Greil Sutcliffe. Either way round, really.
Due to

Sorry, old chap, it’s not going to work.

I’ve been moving heaven and earth over here (metaphorically speaking, of course) trying to get myself assigned to Tokyo so that I can further your agenda a bit, but it seems someone’s been looking at my file a bit too closely. I’m assigned to the London area for at least the next couple of centuries, so no chance of any help with you-know-who.

Still, why don’t you pay a visit? We can have a little party in Whitechapel, just like old times. It’d do you good to let off a bit of tension. And you promised to look up those summoning and binding rituals for my Sebastian – don’t forget! I’d be very hurt if you forgot.

Your affectionate

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Title: a perfectly natural mistake
Requester: [ profile] veleda_k
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Hisoka and Tsuzuki (or Hisoka/Tsuzuki), "This is another fine mess you've gotten us into."
Due to

“Is there some reason why we’re impersonating a pair of crime bosses?” Hisoka demanded.

“It was Tatsumi’s idea,” Tsuzuki said, with the joy of one who for once is totally not to blame. “He thought it’d give us a useful entrée to the situation.”

“Let me see that.” Hisoka grabbed the set of instructions. “. . . Tsuzuki, you idiot, you do realize that bit there says china doll sellers and not crime boss slavers, don’t you?”

“It does?” Tsuzuki said, and tried to blink cutely.

It didn’t work.

And to be fair, they did get in. The problem was getting out again.
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Title: whoops
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Requested Characters: Tsuzuki and Muraki
Due to

Dear Muraki,

Thank you for the lovely postcard. It was very nice to hear from you again and I’m so glad to hear that you’re enjoying being whipped by scorpions and chased across muddy fields by huge dogs and all that sort of thing. It’s always such a shame when people don’t enjoy their vacations.

I honestly have no idea at all how you could possibly have been involved in such a wacky afterlife mixup, but Tatsumi (I’m sure you remember him) has promised to look into it once he has some spare time, so you can be sure that it’ll all be sorted out.

Hisoka is reading this over my shoulder and asks me to send along his best wishes good wishes minimal wishes awareness of your continued existence, and to say how much he hopes you enjoy your daily dips in the lake of boiling blood.

All the best!

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Title: AU: night watch
Requester: [ profile] cat_i_th_adage
Series: Yami no Matsuei / Sapphire and Steel
Requested Topic: A Sapphire @ Steel/Yami no Matsuei crossover might be interesting. ("Hisoka plays chess, but not very well.")
Due to

Hisoka has always thought that he should be rather better at chess than he actually is: after all, he is rational, controlled, sensible, all qualities that should suit a chess-player.

However, he doesn't mind losing to this opponent so much.

Three nights now they've been watching. Hisoka and Tsuzuki turned up at the same time as the other team, and after some confusion, they agreed to keep the watch over the potential 'candidate' together. The woman gets on well with Tsuzuki, and they go out together to walk round the area and buy cakes, drink coffee, and talk about inconsequentialities.

The man sneers at Tsuzuki. But he seems to tolerate Hisoka. They play chess together.

Hisoka can sense nothing human from him, and oh, what a relief it is. He hears the cold precise movement of perfectly molded steel turning in endless wheels, and he smells the sharpness of bare metal, and he sees the cool perfection of mirroring mirror that asks nothing of him and offers nothing in return. It's like lying on cold stone in the middle of summer. It's a blissful rest.

He doesn't even mind that he keeps on losing at chess.
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Title: a difficult subject
Requester: [ profile] veleda_k
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Hisoka, "It's clear that backing down don't suit you"
Due to

Department Secretary Tatsumi,

I attach my psychological analysis of Kurosaki Hisoka. Basically, he is constitutionally incapable of backing down. I would tie this directly to his in-life death and the preceding events. He is the sort of person who will break but never bend. I commend his partnership with Asato Tsuzuki, who may be capable of defusing these tendencies without outright confrontation.

I would also request that you send some people to remove the furniture trapping me in my office. I attach several copies of this report to pigeons in hopes that one will get to you.


Department Psychologist.
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Title: exclusive viewpoints
Requester: [ profile] summer_queen
Series: Full Metal Alchemist / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Scar & Muraki - What price vengeance?
Due to

"Your problem," Muraki said, "is that you never put a personal face on your vengeance. You intend to kill State alchemists. So? They have a never-ending supply of alchemists. I suppose that it will ensure you a constant flow of pleasure, each time you rip one apart or destroy them, but how can you finish it?"

"And your problem is that you view vengeance as a source of pleasure." Scar scowled. "Degenerate. You sacrifice everything to your perverse lust for vengeance on a man long since dead."

"Well," Muraki said blandly, "at least mine will be achieved. Yours never will."
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Title: for the trenchcoat brigade
Requester: [ profile] veleda_k
Series: GetBackers / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: I don't suppose that could request more Muraki/Akabane, could I? Because that would be awesome.
Due to

"I'm sorry, Ginji," Kazuki said, "but Juubei and I are in a new line of work these days."

Ginji blinked cutely.

"Trenchcoat cleaning and mending," Kazuki said, with a flourish of thread. "Doctor Jackal was one of our first customers, and he put us in touch with a friend of his, Doctor Muraki, who sends us a lot of business. We're the best in the trade for removing bloodstreams, invisible mending of scalpel rips and burn marks -- and for a very small extra payment, we provide spare threads to allow the trenchcoat skirts to flare dramatically at moments of crisis."


(Sorry, it just came out this way . . .)
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Title: quick, Watson, a migraine
Requester: [ profile] joasakura
Series: Sherlock Holmes/ Yami no Matsuei!
Requested Topic: Sherlock Holmes/ Yami no Matsuei!
Due to

Mr Tsuzuki, the young man who was our primary witness, was a lively young fellow, eager to please and full of helpful suggestions. So enthusiastic was he that Holmes suggested I take him out to investigate the scene of the crime. (A local bakery was also perhaps involved.)

Later, I learned from Mrs Hudson that Holmes had in fact not gone out in disguise to investigate on his own as usual, but had instead been lying on the couch with an ice-pack upon his head, smoking his pipe and muttering to himself about certain people deserving murderous pursuit.

Most peculiar.
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Title: friendship is about sharing
Requester: [ profile] veleda_k
Series: Yami no Matsuei / Getbackers
Requested Topic: Muraki and Akabane. (My crack crossover pairing is more evil than yours.)
Due to

"Doctor Jackal," Himiko said between her teeth.

"Yes, Lady Poison?" he enquired pleasantly.

"I'm asking purely out of curiosity, but could there be any conceivable reason why mentioning your friend Muraki-sensei to those people got us chased by a phoenix, a dragon, a giant white tiger, a pair of tengu, a big black furry thing, and a hopping cactus?"

"Overenthusiastic gestures of affection," Doctor Jackal murmured. "They're excitable types."

"And why exactly did you ask me to make sure that Ban and Ginji made the delivery to Muraki-sensei in person?"

"Well," Doctor Jackal said happily, "it is his birthday today."
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Title: probably not the first time this has happened
Requester: [ profile] sophiap
Series: Doctor Who / Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Who and Yami no Matsuei. Ten, Seven, or Five would be lovely, but if another Doctor works better, feel free to choose another.
Due to

"Doctor," Rose said patiently, "there is a giant flying chicken outside the door."

"Giant?" the Doctor asked. "How giant is giant? Because I've seen some pretty giant chickens in my time. Is it giant enough to crush Big Ben under a single claw? Or more house-sized?"

"Okay, it's not very giant giant, it's more medium giant. Big for a chicken. And it says it wants to talk to you."

"Oh?" the Doctor said warily.

"About a library book from the Shokan Division Library that's five centuries overdue --"

"Oh dear," the Doctor said. "Just sat on the dematerialisation lever. Whoops."
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Title: owl stitch
Requester: [ profile] gisho
Series: Yami no Matsuei/Knitting
Requested Topic: Watari, invloving 003 in some way.
Due to

"And the best thing is," Watari explained cheerfully, "that after a few very simple biological modifications to 003, I was able to use his cast-off feathers as knitting needles! Simplicity and convenience too! A true victory for science!"

"The knitting's very pretty," Saya approved. "I love this black shawl."

"Can you do a white lace one for us to put on Hisoka?" Yuma asked.

"Where's 003 now?" Tatsumi asked hastily.

Watari avoided his gaze. "In the lab next door. I had a few tiny little problems with the weight-bearing structures . . ."

HOOT, came a rumble from next door. The walls shook.
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Title: you two deserve one another
Requester: [ profile] yhibiki
Series: Get Backers/Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Get Backers/Yami no Matsuei -- so maybe retrieving a soul wasn't as easy as it originally sounded.
Due to

"Don't worry," Ban said, staring up at the huge hydra. "I know how to handle this."

Ginji flexed his fingers. Electricity crackled and spat. "But, Ban-chan," he pointed out, "what if that weird doctor in white over there keeps on summoning more of them? It was bad enough with all those dogs . . ."

"Trust me," Ban said. He slid the mobile phone out of his pocket and flipped it open, punching in a number.

Ginji stared in disbelief.

"Himiko?" Ban said into the phone. "Are you with -- yes, put him on. Doctor Jackal? I've got a challenge for you."
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Title: applied incentive
Requester: [ profile] krecik
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Requested Topic: Yami no Matsuei x Knitting, please.
Due to

"It's the newest fund-raising initiative," Tatsumi explained, a mad glint in his eyes. "No longer will we be constantly in debt. From now on, we shall supplement the Department budget by knitting socks! And other useful items to be sold at a below-market price for profit!"

"But we don't have yarn," Hisoka said.

"Yarn will be provided."

"But we don't have needles," Terazuma pleaded.

"Needles will be provided."

"But we don't know how to knit," Tsuzuki whimpered.

"You will find," Tatsumi said, driving a shadowy knitting needle through a telephone directory in a single spike, "that you learn extremely fast."
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Title: simple common sense
Requester: [ profile] joasakura
Series: Yami no Matsuei / Doctor Who
Requested Topic: Crossover. YnM/Doctor Who. Your choice beyond that. *_*
Due to

Muraki scanned his latest set of reports on strange occurrences, looking for anything which he could use as a tool against the shinigami, or for his revenge. Anything at all. However strange. However twisted. However impossible. However outre, exotic, unthinkable, inconceivable, unnatural, or unlikely. Demons, ghosts, sorcery, ancient relics, murders, sacrifices, monsters, dark powers . . .

He paused at a newspaper article about conical robots with death rays and a mysterious foreigner in a long scarf and a blue crate.

Then again, one had to be rational about these things. He screwed up the clipping, and neatly tossed it into the bin.
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Title: wrong number
Requester: [ profile] joasakura
Series: how about a YnM/DMC crossover?
Requested Topic: Muraki meets Vergil?
Due to

"Allow me," Muraki said, "to offer you something that might interest you."

There were no actual protocols for dealing with the offended scion of a Demon Lord, but the general recommendations, as found in most grimoires that didn't finish in bloodstained tatters, were extreme courtesy and a good reason not to slaughter or torture the summoner on the spot.

"Would you be interested in the whereabouts of Dante, perhaps?"

After all, it had been Dante he'd been trying for. He hadn't known that Sparda had two offspring.

Such a shame; they'd have made a lovely matched pair in his bed.
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Title: do not call up what you cannot put down
Requester: [ profile] gisho
Requested Topic: GetBackers/Yami no Matsuei? With the Archive in, if it can be arranged.
Series: GetBackers / Yami no Matsuei
Due to

do not call up what you cannot put down )
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Title: improper behaviour
Requester: [ profile] sophiap
Requested Topic: Bleach / Yami no Matsuei - turf wars and matters of jurisdiction.
Series: Bleach / Yami no Matsuei
Due to

improper behaviour )
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Title: the language of roses
Requester: krecik
Requested Topic: a theme of blood
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Due to

Read more... )
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Title: the dark thing
Requester: mikeneko
Requested Topic: Terazuma and Kuro-chan and/or Kannuki.
Series: Yami no Matsuei
Due to

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