May. 21st, 2002

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Working on Victorian horror thingy (don't you love precision of language?), waiting for redlines on Hearts, Swords, and Flowers, wondering if there will be more redlines for the Exalted Beasts of the Wyld, and trying to plot a climax for my own attempted novel without getting too badly influenced by other stuff such as the above. (So the heroine faces down the vampire in the Victorian Church by using her powers from the Dawn of Time and commanding a strange dragon-headed hippopotamus...) Oh, and watching too much Gensomaden Saiyuki.
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Tch. I'd quite forgotten that my place of work has a nanny-policy on accessing certain sites, and one of my "friends" entries must have triggered it. Nothing like seeing a nice big red ACCESS DENIED when you're trying to do your morning interesting website checks. Oh well, I'll just have to save that till I get home.

I swear that one of my coworkers has kuru from the way that she giggles. Yes, it is annoying, why do you ask?

Given that Liralen has been rereading Journey to the West, I should clearly try to introduce her to Journey to the Max. "Yes, this is the Tripitaka-equivalent -- observe the gun and cigarettes . . ."

Gah. I'm trying to work out a Business Objects program to count new cancer attendances, and most of the filters I'd like to use, I can't, because the numbers I'm handling are too big. Feh.

More later, I'm sure.
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To all those people who have a certain fondness for anime/manga bishonen/biseinen . . .

The Searched Soul

When I consider, pro and con,
What things my love is built upon-
A curly mouth; a sinewed wrist;
A questioning brow; a pretty twist
Of words as old and tried as sin;
A pointed ear; a cloven chin;
Long, tapered limbs; and slanted eyes
Not cold nor kind nor darkly wise-
When so I ponder, here apart,
What shallow boons suffice my heart,
What dust-bound trivia capture me,
I marvel at my normalcy.

(Dorothy Parker)
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Duty of a Jedi to update her livejournal it is. Duty of a Sith Lord to spread propaganda it is. Either way, duty it is. Though I suppose if I were a Sith Lord I could go and conquer the galaxy instead.

I have soundtracks for _Yami no Matsuei_ and _Mirage of Blaze_. Ebay is good. The music is better. Should it worry me that some of the tunes on the MoB soundtrack are called Cool Sadism, Switch, and Sodomy? The music's decent. Sort of technofunky. (Ghastly word. Memo: find a better one.)

I look forward to getting my hands on a copy of Nobilis 2nd Edition this weekend. Mmmm. ;)

Hm. I need to gather my energy, focus, and leap upon my work. I am seized with an image of a kitten going, "Aw, mommy, it's too hard, can't you just catch the little vampire mouse for me?" Vampire mice - now there's an image. Vampire: The Squeaking. Followed by Werewolf: The Barking, I suspect, and Mage: The Mewing, and...

I love some of Jo Ramsay's bibliography notes in GURPS Screampunk. De Sade's _Justine_: "It is a story of an innocent who is corrupted by foul villainy, but that's probably not the reason to read it. (The writing style is appalling.)" Heh.

The problem with reading stuff about Kabbalah while you've still got Kenshin in your head: you start equating Saitou - Geburah and Kenshin - Chesed. (And should Kaoru be Yesod?)

Babble on, babble off.

(I would mutter about my day at work, but you really don't want to know.)


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