Jun. 23rd, 2002

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I love the Verdi Requiem. I remember singing in a production of it at school once (chorus, naturally). It's a beautiful piece of music.

Started trying to study today. I can currently write the hiragana and katakana for a/i/u/e/o. We will see if I can still remember to do this tomorrow.

Oh, and Cogman-san wa (writer) desu. ;)
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I was listening to Sweeney Todd earlier this evening, and thought of describing it as "a moral fable about a barber, a piemaker, a judge, and certain other people of varying moral character." This, the barber at the back of my mind said, was not inappropriate. He never claimed virtue, he simply claimed revenge.

Got to see the pdf draft of Hearts, Swords, and Flowers. Very pretty indeed. Very promising. I look forward to seeing the art.

I need to get back to writing The Lion and the Unicorn.

Finished a fic. It'll be interesting to see what people think of it. (Yes, April, that one. ;))

An entry from the Quiz For Shoujo Characters for HSF, to help players with ideas for character history . . .

* Is your characteristically brusque and cold demeanor really a shield to stop yourself getting hurt again after a past tragedy?
** Does it work?
* Do you feel that you protect your friends best by telling them the truth about your past, or by concealing your past in order to stop them interfering?


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