Jun. 27th, 2002

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For the curious -- and for me, when I come to reread this later -- that's Apollyon's line when he closes on Christian for battle.

I am feeling an urge to reread Dorothy Heydt's _A Point of Honor_, which is a lot of fun. It's being called to mind because two of the characters reference that line in the middle of a fight. It's done smoothly -- one quotes it, the other says, "Wait, that's not Malory, that's Bunyan," and the author never pauses to explain further, which is cool. (Malory because both were quoting Malory-ishly earlier.)

Memo to self: April's birthday on July 17th. I suspect that makes her either a Cancer or a Leo.

Allow me to note that the hiragana and katakana for "ne" are painful.

Ah, I remember this quote, and am still fond of it.

"It can't move along its own existential timeline?"
The General shook his head, his jowls quivering behind the nicotine clouds. "Doctor, we agreed. Only the bishops are time-active. The rooks have minimal hyperspacial capability, and the queen can make bargains with the Higher Powers of Creation to move around corners. The knights go two forward and one to the side. Still your move."
(_Alien Bodies_, a Dr Who adventure, by Lawrence Miles)


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