Jul. 3rd, 2002

Red Serpent

Jul. 3rd, 2002 09:59 am
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I'm putting this up here so that I don't lose it. It's amazing what one can discover with a casual websearch for something else. Bound to be useful for something.


A celui qui PASSE de FAIRE LE BIEN!
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People were discussing Nobilis earlier, and suitable influences/source material/mineable stuff. I am of the opinion that Sapphire and Steel would do extremely well. Then again, I first saw it when 7 or 8 or 9 (it's a UK tv series, for reference) and fell in love with it then. The affection lingers on. In its best moments, it really was very good indeed.

In other matters, Minority Report tomorrow, which will be fun.

Work is . . . work. On the other hand, a coworker just back from Italy has brought the traditional array of biscuits and sweets with her. Our office is suddenly a popular place for the rest of the coding team (we're split between 3 offices) to visit. Heh. Nice biscuits, too.

Oh, and the writing continues. (The malady malingers on.)


"It would make things much easier," Madimi continued, "if you simply turned around and went back."

"Easier for which of us?" Dominic queried. His voice had regained something of his earlier animation, and lost the flat toneless note of shock, Madeleine noted. This at least was positive.

The woman -- or whatever she was -- shrugged, a flowing motion which left the fringes of her shawl swaying in the wind. "Me. I am in a lazy mood. Get back inside the building and do not provoke me, and you may have your lives as gift. Continue this defiance, and I shall dew the snow with your blood."


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