Jul. 18th, 2002


Jul. 18th, 2002 11:40 pm
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Step by step, word by word, we continue to write. Each sentence is hammered out of the air. Each pace seems like nothing on its own, but when looked back on, we see that we have come a long way. Each hack of the machete is painful and tiring.

But eventually we cut the pathway through the jungle.

I'm maundering. Put it down to trying to finish what I've started.


She hated herself. She'd almost chosen to submit -- she'd accepted the choice of life and cowardice -- and now she couldn't even abide by that. It's not fair. She was going to have to go and get herself killed, and it wasn't even out of bravery or sacrifice or anything that might have made her feel better because it was the right thing to do. It was simply because she couldn't stop herself thinking, and all her thoughts went to the same place, where Kelley the bloody-handed predator went on killing and went on taking what he wanted and nobody ever stopped him.

It was because there was a chance that he might lose. And because of that chance, that stupid bloody pointless tiny little chance, she had to hold onto her sword and try to stop him.

It's not fair.


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