Jul. 21st, 2002

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Well, the trip to London was fun. Definitely fun. Every once in a while one has to do something totally strange and venture into unknown territory.

Fortunately, Oriental City (a mall stocking a whole load of Oriental stuff) was not too hard to find. It was in Colindale, which is a part of outer London directly on the Northern line, so I merely had to get onto the Tube at Waterloo and sit there with a good book. (Freedom and Necessity, for the curious.) At the other end, there was a helpful map of the neighbourhood in the tube station, and the place turned out to be just five minutes walk straight down the road.

Very, _very_ neat place. Not a huge number of shops, but enough to keep me interested. Including a Japanese bookshop with a metric _ton_ of manga, some of which I acquired. Also a neat food court, with a couple of dozen restaurants/food places round a central set of tables. (I had sushi -- plain but good.)

In the bookshop, I acquired Saiyuki Gaiden, Executive Committee I and II, Angelique volume 1, and Fruits Basket volume 1. I also picked up Lumen Lunae volume 2 in a secondhand bookshop just outside. Not quite everything I wanted, but it'll do for the moment. (Okay, so I admit that Angelique is hard to justify on any grounds other than pretty bishonen, but they are _very_ pretty bishonen.)

Getting back into central London, I found to my annoyance that a convenient gaming shop there _didn't_ have a copy of Silver Age Sentinels. Oh well, I'll find it elsewhere.

Bought evil wicked chips and burger to eat on the train back home, then napped for the remainder of the trip, as did the young woman sitting opposite me. We both grinned at each other and chatted a bit on waking up.

And now I drink French absinthe. I finally see what louching means. (The Czech stuff just doesn't do it the same way.) As you pour the cold water over the sugar cube resting on the absinthe spoon and into the glass below, the absinthe really does turn a pale shade of luminous opaque green. It's extremely pretty.

And oh my, does it taste good. I'm not sure it's definitely better than the Czech variant, but it's smoother, and (takes another sip) less aniseedy. I'm rather glad that I have another glass' worth in the little sample bottle of the stuff.

It's Saturday night.

Trying to start on the last chapter of story. It's being awkward. So what's new?


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