Jul. 28th, 2002

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I am attempting to do edits/corrections on the writing project. In particular, altering font to something more readable, inserting italics, and so forth. Gah. Gah gah gah gah gah. Ahem.

Oh, a rather splendid page with League of Extraordinary Gentlemen annotations:

And for those enthusiasts who haven't already noticed, the first of the second series is now out. I'm kicking myself because I didn't recognise that the Sorns were from CS Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet.

On volume 13 of Angel Sanctuary, and the emotions are getting painful (as if they weren't already that way!) and really, really, really twisted. You know, I actually feel sorry for Sevothtarte. A bit.

Ah, shoujo villains. Sweet, sweet shoujo villains.

Back to the damn italics.
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As the title says. Experimented with some Lush hair products to see if red glints might be produced. Will hopefully be able to determine for certain tomorrow. If not, at least they smell nice. Very nice.

On my CD player, the Starmania (French musical) CD ends, and the Utena (definitely not a French musical)one starts. Nice music.

Still formatting chapters, and rereading, to an extent.

"More precisely," said Reverend Gainer, turning off the ignition, "it's the chapel. Now tell me, do you have any instinctive aversion to going into the chapel? Any feelings of dislike? Hatred? Urge to defile religious symbols? Are you considering running away at the moment?" His tone was inquisitive rather than oppressive, like a doctor asking for symptoms. "And if you do want to vomit, please do it out of the window rather than inside the car."

My parents are watching chunks of the Tour de France which I taped for them. It's pleasant to have been able to do something for them which they enjoyed that much.


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