Aug. 6th, 2002

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Not sure quite what subconscious bit of my mind threw that up. Hm.

Let's see. Work was unspectacular today, and one of those cases where you come out with very little result and the vague feeling that you lost several hours somewhere, if not for the boredom factor which suggests that the day got expanded in several parts. OTOH, I managed to give blood (got turned down last time for low iron level) which makes me feel good. In the moral sense. I also gave a blood sample to be tested for platelet count, to see if I could donate platelets. Apparently only about 10% of people have a high enough platelet count to be allowed to do it (given the high margin of safety that's required), and there's no real way of increasing platelet count, so either I can or I can't. Ah well, at least I'll know I tried. I did get reminded that my blood type was A (by the nurse seeing to me) which made me laugh when I thought about the way that characters in shoujo mangas tend to have their blood type mentioned as a character indication.

A very nice piece of Kipling, forwarded to a list I'm on by another subscriber.

II Samuel 14:14. “For we needs must die, and are as water spilt on the ground, which cannot be gathered up again; neither doth God respect any person: yet doth he devise means, that his banished be not expelled from him."

CS Lewis' book, The Great Divorce, is also rather good on the subject.

On a brighter note, here's the sort of spirit we need in RPGs.

The Warehouse itself is driven only by omnivorous collective rapacity, but its paranoia prevents it from adequately briefing the characters on either the true nature of the site they're going to loot ("Don't let the capital letters fool you: It's just like any other tower in London"), their opposition ("When people say things like 'guarded by the entire Afghan army,' you know they're exaggerating") or their tools and allies ("Now, wearing this amulet will put your soul in touch with the spirit of the High Priest of Set, and we're confident that he'll be glad to tell you where to dig and how to deactivate the curse"). (Kenneth Hite, _Use Archaeology to Uncover Hidden Adventure Ideas_)


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