Aug. 9th, 2002

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After rereading the Lucifer comics in my collection (as I plan to sell them off soon) I came to one conclusion about why I don't particularly like them.

The angels are idiots. They're prideful, vengeful, obsessive, unkind, and just plain stupid.

Now please understand me, I have no objection to this on grounds of faith or personal belief. Fiction is fiction.

But the characters are therein delineated (I love that word) purely, insofar as I can see, to make Lucifer look better by comparison. I think that this is a mistake. One does not improve the perception of a character by giving him prejudiced idiots to defeat. Now if he'd been in a fight against intelligent and moral individuals, where we had a case of genuine ethical choice, or an actual discussion of freedom rather than thinly-veiled-fascism, that might have been more interesting.

As it is, I don't like the characters particularly, I'm so-so about the story, even though it has some interesting moments, and I'm so-so about the art. So. ;)

It really does all come down to the question of fighting idiots, though. That lacks interest.


He paused to indicate a portrait of a pale young lady in a Regency dress. "Lady Diane de la Indigo, an ancestor on the distaff side. She had the great misfortune to employ a certain Mr Wonko, a children's entertainer, on the occasion of her youngest son's birthday. Unbeknownst to anybody at the time, Mr Wonko was in fact the man who would become known as the Maniacal Magic-utilising Murderer of Tunbridge Wells, and Lady Diane was found strangled by a balloon animal. A giraffe, I seem to recall from my studies, or possibly an upside-down squirrel." -- _Ship of Fools_, Dave Stone


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