Aug. 15th, 2002

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I've just realised what the pseudonym of the runaway apprentice of the adept in Chinatown has to be. (Too many genitives?)

Red Boy.

Just so that I don't forget this thoroughly charming idea.

Hot day

Aug. 15th, 2002 11:07 pm
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Really, that says it all.

My mother emailed me partway through the morning to suggest we have something other than a stirfry from me tonight, since it was her and my father's wedding anniversary. (OTOH, my father had apparently forgotten this too, which took the heat off me for doing so.)

Went into town after work. Got card, eclairs, and copy of the latest Perez-Reverte (hardback, title's something about a chart or map). All of these were appreciated.

Then came back and watched a couple of episodes of second season Saiyuki. Permit me to say that I like Shien (him with the light-whips), despite the violence done to his dialogue by appalling subtitling. Also a rather nice conclusion to the final episode I watched: some of our heroes kill the demon who's controlling a village before others of our heroes (who have found out Bad Stuff) can stop them, and then _everyone_ in the village dies, as the demon had apparently already captured their souls. Really wholesale. Very wholesale. Surprisingly effective.

I'm looking forward to seeing this, mind. (Many thanks, Madam Hydra.) I suppose one shouldn't be surprised that we aren't seeing Hakkai's youkai form in the anime any more than we are in the manga . . .


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