Aug. 18th, 2002

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Well, I was listening to a good recording of Gounod's Faust earlier, hence the title. And now I'm listening to Izzy -- what a name! -- who makes her money by singing classical or religious pieces in a way "that is accessible", or, in other words, sings sweet classical or religious pieces with prettied up background accompaniment in a way that induces sweet thoughts, rather than any of that messy stuff about Heaven and Hell and sin and salvation and damnation. Oh, all right, so I'm listening to it. For it is pretty and sweet.

I have my redlines for current project, arrived today, and they're good, which is excellent.

I was reminded today of what it feels like on the first day that you wear open-toed sandals for a good long walk in the summer. It must be nature's mercy that makes you forget every year. Yes, they _were_ cool, but one always forgets that they press on the foot in different places from normal shoes -- even great big hefty thick open-toed sandals from Scholl such as I wear. Still, it was a hot day, and they were cooler than shoes.

I bought a secondhand Masterton horror novel in town today; Mirror, I believe the title was. While I don't generally like his stuff, he comes up with some splendid root ideas, which I will cheerfully take and plant and see if they come up with something useful or interesting. (Connecting a child movie star, the "truth" behind Alice in Wonderland, and the sacrifice of 144,000 innocent people to allow the Devil to reenter the world . . . as I said, he has some fascinating root ideas.)

A bit earlier this evening, I was watching more second season Saiyuki. We are approaching what the racier journals would call "the climax", to misquote What The Butler Saw. Sigh. Homura and Shien (chief bad guy and one of chief bad guy's two lieutenants) really do improve on acquaintance. We also just saw the Hakkai-removes-limiters scene (or rather, what we are permitted to see of it, and while I quite understand Minnekura's motives, DRAT) which was enjoyable.

Tch. I am having secular thoughts about war gods and impure priests, or even all the way back to the Gaiden. (Speaking of which, we also saw some more of that in those episodes, and probably got all that we are going to get of it there, since it stopped with Nataku's "triumphant" return to Heaven. Still, we got to see Kenren in prison, and Tenpou's reply to Litouten's comments, and the aftermath of that little bit, which was good. Curious how one of the moments that made me twitch there was when you saw the pair of glasses go flying across the floor. Probably because I'm a glasses-wearer (or contact lenses) myself, and empathise.

Grist to the mill.
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This is (sigh) because it's back to work tomorrow and one of my coworkers has very annoying giggles, as I may conceivably have mentioned here before. (Please note the careful choice of adjective. I could have said something far nastier than "very".)

Let's see. Today was, as is usual for my Sundays (ah, bliss!) extremely lazy. A late morning, a late lunch, a long bath. Followed by the less-pleasant necessities of house-cleaning and ironing. Watched some Weiss Kreuz during the ironing, and called out sarcastic comments at the screen at suitable moments. (For the curious, it was episodes 6 and 7, I believe: the organ-thieves, and the kidnapped-children/Omi-regaining-memories.)

Really, when comparing it to the Saiyuki which I watched later (last few episodes of season 2, most enjoyable), the contrast is ... harsh. Saiyuki is better. Of course, the fact that it was the climax of Saiyuki compared to just a few random episodes of Weiss Kreuz might have made some difference, but even so.

I appear to have accepted a dare re writing fanfic. Oh well. One of these days I will learn better. In the meantime, I should clearly research the appropriate characters in more detail.

Hm. Now this is very Homura. Or perhaps Hakkai.

"Your innocence is on at such a rakish angle
It gives you quite an air of iniquity."
(Christopher Fry, The Lady's Not For Burning))


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