Sep. 1st, 2002


Sep. 1st, 2002 09:52 pm
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I am returned.

I am exhausted.

Well, I could stop there, but . . . I had a great time, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, I met some very interesting people, I played several games of Grave Robbers From Outer Space (curse your Intergalactic Mimic from Uranus, Jo!) and spent way too much money on books.

(Speaking of books: one of the newly acquired ones was Jim Butcher's Summer Knight, heartily recommended to all. Got that one at Forbidden Planet while in London, on the principle of why waste a chance to visit the shop? Another, acquired secondhand at the convention, was the Book of Ebon Bindings for the Empire of the Petal Throne system. For ten pounds (or fifteen dollars). People who would have liked to get their hands on it may now turn green. I still can't believe that I got it that cheap, or at all. For reference, it's demon/spirit-summoning for EPT, written "in voice" as a (very deranged) priest's private journal, and it rocks on toast. I may copy a paragraph or two in tomorrow to give a flavour of it.)

Met Ken Hite, who is a Cool Guy. Mentioned Em to him, and we both agreed she is a very cool person. (You can flame me now, Em dear.) Also discussed the Scholomance and other fun things, and I wandered away muttering things like, "And you say that the stops on the District Line correspond to the pieces of Osiris' body and that travelling on it could be enacting the sacred journey of Isis . . ."

Yes, it was a very good convention.

Washing machine repairman tomorrow. Fingers crossed.


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