Sep. 4th, 2002


Sep. 4th, 2002 11:56 pm
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Getting to sleep earlier might just possibly be a sensible thing which I should do more often. Had I done this last night, I would not have napped when I got in from work, and would not now have a big pile of still-not-done-ironing. Oh well. We contrive.

On a lighter note, DVDs arrived in the post this morning, and I now have copies of Hellsing and Fruits Basket. I really must consider bringing over Hellsing when I visit the USA in October, just in case any of my friends would like to see vampires. And not pretty vampires, either. Oh no.

I am singularly lacking in inspiration for writing today. Well, except for the mysterious tantric Buddhist tantric sex powers.

I vary between thinking that the more one exercises one's writing muscles (so to speak) the happier they are, and believing that one needs to let one's inspiration have a rest every now and again, to stop it running dry. Doubtless both are true for different people. If only I knew which sort I was, things would be a great deal easier.

Oh, for more Saiyuki Gaiden. And permit me to express a wish that something Very Nasty Indeed happens to Litouten. (Yes, yes, I know, so wish all fangirls, and in particular all Tenpou fangirls. It's the glasses, I swear it.)

I'll put in links to these two Harry Potter fanfic authors:

Both are an amusing read.


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