Sep. 14th, 2002

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Tomorrow (the 14th) I shall be 30. It really doesn't feel like that much. Eh.

I also hate writing mechanics. Ptui.

Hm. I find few spare brain cells today for entertaining writing, ranting, or theorising. My images fail to gel. The gilt is off the gingerbread. (It probably migrated to the cakes I took into work, which vanished from the kitchen with the speed of herrings being attacked by a particularly large and hungry flock of gannets. Well, they were extremely nice Victoria sponges. With lovely buttercream. And I took care to cut myself a slice at the beginning of the procedure, so that important point was seen to.)

Currently ordering myself some more manga, because, well, it _is_ my birthday tomorrow. Let me see: Basara 7, Angel Sanctuary 15, a little bit more Yu-gi-oh (the manga is cool, I swear it)...

And . . . well, because.


The bodhisattva carved a bow from the Rose Apple tree, and said, "This weapon shall end suffering."
"Then it shall end all life," Maya told him.
The bodhisattva thought a moment. "So it shall," he admitted, and carved "Life's Ending" on its stave.
-from Legends of the Nobilis, by Luc Ginneis
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Thank you very much, everyone who's wished me a happy birthday.

Thank you, April, for a _marvellous_ set of presents. (The real fun came when explaining to my parents what they all were, mind... why, yes, I did open the package in front of them.) Chibi-Kougaiji is now perched on my bookcase next to chibi-Sanzou, and both of them are looking mildly annoyed about it. Heh. And the Tarot cards are soooooooo cool. (Fangirl. Easily pleased.)

Thank you to everyone who posted here or who emailed me. I appreciate it.

And now -- evening is scheduled to include Beef Wellington (cooked by mother), DVD of Brotherhood of the Wolf, some red wine, a chocolate cake, and later probably some absinthe.


(Oh, and my Saiyuki Reload tankobon arrived in the post this morning. Good timing, I say. Good timing.)


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