Sep. 22nd, 2002

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After rereading a bit of Journey to the West, I have made the resolution to use the phrase "primal masculinity" somewhere. (coughs innocently)

Let's see. I acquired a couple of djs via ebay, and am a happy bunny. ("Nii Jieni, it's your fault!" Wait, wait, wrong context.) I got my hands on the latest Promethea. Interesting as ever, though it's difficult for the tone not to get more lecturelike as they go further up the Tree.

The list of stuff-to-do-before-America grows shorter. Tickets have been collected. Dollars have been ordered. A taxi to the airport has been booked. (My flight is annoyingly early -- well, it's at 9am, but I have to be there at least two hours before, and there are no trains/coaches that early, so I must take a taxi.) Ah well, at least if I crash on the plane after that, I'll be a little more timeclocked and less jetlagged when I hit America.

I now have a working copy of the computer game Divine Divinity. (Previous copy gave me a checksum error while trying to install: I took it back, they gave me a new one.) Wow. Pretty. Fun so far. No real combat yet, though I used Meteor Strike on a rat. Intriguing. Motion's a bit slow, but my computer is very full. I deleted a couple of other games I never play, and will see if it moves faster tomorrow.

Oh yes. I just remembered that I didn't do ironing last week, and left it for this week. Joy, oh joy.


(Reports of bee-sting therapy) Anecdotally, this seems to work out well. Recipients of sting therapy do report relief. For obvious reasons, it is hard to get information in the form of a controlled, double-blind experiment; people know when they have been stung.


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