Oct. 23rd, 2002

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Now I know that I shouldn't have reread The Bloody Chamber, because it's tangling in my mind with concepts of the Empress Gyokumen and Professor Hwan and concepts about self-disgust and beauty and jewels and polishing spectacles and chambers where one doesn't want to go but knows that one will, and what's worse than blood to stain a key, and half a dozen things which I can't bloody see clearly, and this is annoying. (Note - check spelling of names.)

"Or perhaps it's that you want to have her?"

I haven't got a good enough fix yet to know what it wants to be.

OTOH, associating Tenpou with the Moon, as the Saiyuki tarot deck does, gives nice imagery. Interesting imagery.

I need to do Willow some time, as a companion to Sandalwood, but I keep on associating it with "and the willow shall be the very first tree / which perishes at the heart", which doesn't fit.

Associative chains are wonderful when they work, frustrating when you can't see how to make them work but can't lose the association in your head.



Oct. 23rd, 2002 11:30 pm
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Originally, or so my father informs me, the term "libertine" didn't necessarily mean rake and skirt-chaser and debaucher, though they were not incompatible. The libertines were the free-thinkers, the rationalists, the progressives. (Which is why, in Brotherhood of the Wolf, the hero is referred to as a "libertine". The fact he spends time at the local brothel is entirely besides the point -- all the men do that.)

Blast and bother it. I should know by now that commitment to quick production (as in next couple of days) of a couple of thousand words results in instant brainblock. Given this is Victorian vampiriana, I should probably be trying to filch Count Cain or something, but it's not quite apt for what I have in mind. :P

I need to tell Bruce about the train in French nineteenth century short stories, and how (according to my father) it was both an icon of rationality and professionalism and progress, and also a particularly bloody crime scene. (The French trains, in this period, were built with separate carriages, without a corridor between them. A lot of sensational crimes resulted -- wonderful location for a murder or robbery, no?)

April, you shouldn't have mentioned Homura and Kou in the same breath. Now my poor brain is trying to rationalise it.

Okay, so this answers the question about whether I'm finished with Saiyuki yet. Clearly not.

Which, well, rather pleases me.


and now
if you think I'm
coming back home
first I should tell you a secret.
I sleep with a sword near my hand
each night
sharpened with dreams
of your body
your murder
your blood
as it runs down
my street.

(Feather and Bone, Suzanne Vega)


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