Dec. 6th, 2002

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I shouldn't go doing a search on "haori" on ebay. I yearn too much over what I see.

So, hm. Either I go up to London to do shopping this Saturday, or next week, or the week after that. Points in favour of this week; there are a few presents I want for friends overseas, and if I get them out of the way now, then they're sorted and can be sent in what one should assume is plenty of time. Points against; I was up there only last week and could really use a totally flopping weekend, there certainly won't be any new books in the bookshops -- well, it's unlikely at any rate -- and I might be able to fill those particular present slots via online ordering and get the mail cheaper at that. Hm.

Conclusion; do some checking on what is available tomorrow evening, then decide. Ah, Christmas, sweet time of postal scheduling.

So, regarding prophecy. If -- to take an example -- a young man is told he will die for a woman's sake, and this causes him to select a young woman to be "the one he will die for", and court her, and cause her to develop an affection for him, which drives her into an admittedly foolish bargain to make sure that he stays safe, which results in them fighting (you just can't trust those foolish bargains) and eventually has him killed trying to save her life, then whose fault is it? I remember reading somewhere that the prophecies Macbeth received caused him to take actions which he would not have done otherwise, which caused the prophecies to come true.

But as Nikeratos says in The Mask of Apollo, while debating how evil is presented in drama, "But it's such marvellous theatre." Yes. Exactly.


"... I reckon now would be a good time to emulate the Wise Politician Caught within the House of Ill Repute Suspended by his Nipples with a Bag over his Head and Three Live Lobsters in Little Knitted Berets up an Inconvenient Orifice."

"What, hang on like grim bloody death and swear blind our wives'll stick by us?" said Kiru, dubiously.

"I was thinking more along the lines of making our excuses, hauling up our trousers and having it away on our heels."

-- Sky Pirates, Dave Stone


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