Dec. 19th, 2002

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I wonder if one should insist that all fiction be written on rice paper and eaten after reading, in order to emphasize its impermanence, and to force the reader to pay real attention to it, as this would be his or her only ever chance to read it?

Oh dear, I'm in one of those strange moods again.

Perhaps incongruity helps emphasize a point. I remember a painting my grandfather did -- I've no idea where it's got to now -- which showed a group of figures in exotic coloured robes and turbans making their way through what looked distinctly like an English countryside, totally out of place, and all the more effective for it. But. But. You can't always have no connection -- it's more interesting in some ways to have something implied, or understood, or possible, which allows the mind to link the two. It has to be strange and yet possible. When Madeleine and Dominic (characters of mine) are discussing alchemy, and Dominic says that his father's watching Star Trek because he feels the Kirk-Enterprise relationship is an example of the Alchemical Marriage, that's just plain weird, but one _can_ see the link. When you see Gojou in tacky seventies disco gear, it's incongruous, but it's also what one suspects he might wear if he'd been around in the seventies. Total disassociation makes it hard for the mind to, well, swallow it.

Visuals, visuals. A visual for two people, one of whom wants the other, the other who is refusing not because he (or she)dislikes the first, but because he/she doesn't want to hand over that degree of control/intimacy. But he/she wants an answer from the first about some important matter.

The first brings out a deck of cards. "Take one," he says. "If you draw a black card, I'll answer a single question for you."

"And if I draw a red card?" asks the second, but more to have the answer confirmed than out of genuine curiosity.

And the first smiles. "Then you lay down your control for a single night."

And there's a pause. And you _have_ to be able to see the second person's face, but it would have to be drawn, because I'm not sure that it could be described in words.

And then the second person draws a card.



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