Dec. 29th, 2002

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New chapter of Tenth Student up, for those reading it.

A pleasant surprise this morning, as a couple of Christmas presents turned up a couple of days late. Thank you, Liralen, for the Lush bath bombs; thank you, Beth, for the coffee and maple products, and for the book. Both of you are very much appreciated. ;)

Like other people, I have created a nation on -- Mortlakia, in the Bermuda Triangle. Unfortunately, it's becoming painfully obvious that the site can't handle the load it's currently getting. A pity. It looks fun.

Did some shopping this afternoon in the sales. Acquired a couple of books about Japanese cooking and basic sushi-making. (Did I mention that my sister gave me a sushi-making set for Christmas? One really has to take these hints, no?) Also hit the DVD/video sales, and got my hands on DVDs of Once Upon A Time In China II, and The Big Sleep (original version, naturally), and a video of Dogma. (I would have got a DVD of Dogma, but there wasn't one on the shelves, and the video was very cheap in the sales.) Also, hm. Issue 4 of series 2 of League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which, among other things, reveals why Mina wears a scarf. A busy, fun-filled day.

Well, a day. Not very busy.

Proto-resolution for new year; sit down and actually do some serious work on studying Japanese. Sigh.

Oh, I have to share this one. My thanks to the source.


Snippet in the Globbymail Travel section, 2002 highlights: British Airways discovered their staff had walked off with 250 pairs of handcuffs intended for restraining violent or dangerous passengers. Issued a memo saying Bring 'em back and we won't ask questions.

"Your exotic practices in the bedroom are your own business," said the memo, written by the carrier's head of safety and evacuation systems, "but please stick to the Ann Summers furry handcuffs. Replacing the ones from the restraint kit is costing BA a fortune."


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